An Associated Press story carried by the Press Herald last Saturday (“As Starbucks aims for greater sustainability, will customers go along?,” Sept. 16) was an underwhelming puff piece on Starbucks’ effort to improve sustainability.

Does Starbucks truly believe that going to a reusable cup will lower greenhouse gases and improve its image as a leader in corporate sustainability? How about abolishing the drive-up window so folks have to get out of the car and get a bit of exercise by walking into the shop to order? This would definitely be a step in the right direction for the environment. No cars spewing CO2 and other gases into the air while waiting for coffee … what a novel idea!

Another step would be to take a look at the ridiculous caloric nightmares they serve as coffee that contributes to adult obesity and the related conditions including heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancers. Does Starbucks have the will to help? Or is it just going to engage with friendly writers who will publish puff pieces that advance their image and keep the stock price high?

Christopher Newell
Cape Elizabeth

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