I watched one of the Portland mayoral debates last week and came to this conclusion: Candidates Dylan Pugh, Pious Ali, Justin Costa and Andrew Zarro are progressive Marxists who have created many of the problems then tell us this is how to solve them – but, in the meantime, move on to create more unsolvable issues with the promise to fix those, too.

It’s an endless cycle, this governing-by-paralysis. Mark Dion is a liberal Democrat with a law enforcement background. At the debate I watched, instead of explaining how to stop the problems of homelessness, high taxes, asylum seekers, crime, drugs, schools in peril, etc., he said what we needed was for Gov. Mills to provide resources to Portland. The governor didn’t create the problems in Portland – the prior mayoral administration and these five candidates created them.

I don’t agree with our current mayor, Kate Snyder, on all things, but I do think she is a person of honesty and integrity. She would probably, in time, solve a lot of these issues. But as long as we have the Portland City Council governing by paralysis, we can expect pretty much the same results.

James T. Mooney

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