Portland City Councilor At-Large April Fournier’s priorities are woefully lacking. While the city is in the midst of its worst homeless crisis in recent memory, Fournier, over the crucial summer months as chair of the Health and Human Services and Public Safety Committee, focused on deprioritizing the prosecution of individuals who use psychedelic plants and fungi.

Fournier and others on this committee have essentially been non-existent during these critical moments. This could be viewed in two ways: 1) as a distraction from real issues facing Portland and 2) in Fournier’s case, as an attempt to curry favor with constituencies who prize psychedelics as sacred.

Whatever the merits of decriminalizing psychedelics, it falls far below the homelessness catastrophe besieging our city. The councilor and the other members of Portland City Council who fail to recognize this need to go.

Peter Doyle

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