The winter market will continue a longstanding partnership with 317 Main. Contributed / Yarmouth Farmers Market

The Yarmouth Farmers Market will be open through December for the first time, giving local farmers an opportunity to sell their crops in the community through the holiday season.

The market’s last day of outdoor sales at the Bickford Pavilion in downtown will be on Thursday, Oct. 26. From there, the indoor market series will begin Thursday, Nov. 2, at the new Founder’s Hall at 317 Main Street music school.

An indoor market has been a long time coming, Yarmouth Farmers Market Manager Amy Sinclair told The Forecaster. Now that 317 Main has completed their renovation, the market finally has the right space to operate this winter.

“Sometimes, if indoor markets are in an old gym or a basement, it’s not very inspiring,” Sinclair said. “The space at 317 is perfect for our market. It’s a warm and welcoming space.”

For farmers like Mike Perisho, head farmer at Andrews Farm in Gardiner, a winter market is a great opportunity to sell crops that the farm is still harvesting.

As the fall season has grown milder in temperature, farmers have been able to stretch out their growing seasons longer. Andrews Farm will still have sweet peppers and even some tomatoes throughout November, Perisho told The Forecaster.


“Once the ground freezes, we’ll have things like root vegetables and salad greens,” he said.

A winter market also offers opportunities for farmers with greenhouses to sell their produce, as well as to keep their customer base active.

Since Andrews Farm grows in a greenhouse throughout the winter, Perisho sells produce at the Augusta indoor farmers market year-round, but he is excited about the opportunity to sell for longer in Yarmouth.

“My bread and butter is having reliable production for as many months as possible,” Perisho said. “We make sure we have lettuce, carrots, the popular things that people use throughout the year.”

Though the indoor market will feature many customer-favorite farmers, it will also feature a holiday element, Sinclair said. Vendors such as bakers and high-quality artisans will give shoppers an opportunity to buy not only their groceries but also some holiday gifts.

“We’ll have all of the Thanksgiving and Christmas favorites,” Sinclair said.

The indoor market will run for seven Thursdays starting Thursday, Nov. 2, and ending Dec. 21.

Yarmouth community members are invited to support the market and local farmers and artisans. If support is there, Sinclair said, an annual winter market could continue.

“We’re super excited,” Sinclair said. “Yarmouth has been very supportive of the farmers market and of local farmers.”

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