Time for assault weapon ban

To the editor,

In light of the recent tragic loss of life in Lewiston, it is time the citizens of the state of Maine take a stand and do everything we can to end gun violence in this state. Let us be the ones to show the country how it is done and begin the change that our federal government has ignored.

Our voices must be heard to say enough is enough. The beginning point is to contact our state representatives in Augusta. I recommend we ask for three things. First, a complete ban on the sale of assault rifles in Maine. Second, more extensive background checks on any gun purchase with a waiting period. Third, change from being the only state with a yellow flag law to a red flag state.

To make this process easier, here is an email list of representatives from South Portland and Cape Elizabeth, which is of public record. I urge all citizens in South Portland to contact Dega Dhalac at Dega.Dhalac@legislature.maine.gov and Christopher Kessler at Christopher.Kessler @legislature.maine.gov. In Cape Elizabeth, contact Rebecca Millett at Rebecca.Millett@legislature.maine.gov.

How many more innocent lives need to be lost? How many more families must be forced to bury loved ones far before their time? How long will we tolerate inaction on the part of our elected officials? Let us begin the change.

Frank A. Knowles III

South Portland

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