Scarborough Community Thanksgiving dinner will be held for the eighth time this year. The free dinner welcomes all. Pictured is a past Thanksgiving dinner. Courtesy photo/ Kelly Murphy

The 8th annual Scarborough Community Thanksgiving (SCT) dinner, a community tradition, is set to take place at Wentworth School. This event is open to the public and free of charge. Dinner will be served at Wentworth School on Thursday, Nov. 23 between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.

This free event, sponsored by local businesses, nonprofits, and community members, serves traditional Thanksgiving meals to anyone in need. Kelly Murphy, event organizer of the Scarborough Community Thanksgiving, said “The event’s growth from 150 attendees in its first year to a beloved community tradition exemplifies the collaborative spirit of Scarborough.”

Scarborough Community Thanksgiving relies entirely on the generosity of local businesses, nonprofits, and community members. Murphy said, “SCT is supported entirely through donations.” She said the commitment of donors ensures the success of the community Thanksgiving event.

The idea for Scarborough Community Thanksgiving originated from a challenging Thanksgiving experience nine years ago. “Nine years ago, my family hosted our first Thanksgiving dinner. It was calamitous from start to finish including an epic snowstorm, power outage and gallons of turkey brine spilled all over my kitchen,” Murphy said. She said she was inspired by her uncle’s involvement in hosting a community Thanksgiving dinner in Springfield, Massachusetts. “I loved the idea of everyone having a place to spend the holiday surrounded by friends and neighbors without the pressure of preparing a feast on their own,” Murphy said.

The Thanksgiving dinner at Wentworth School welcomes a diverse range of attendees, including single individuals, young families, older residents who prefer not to travel, multigenerational groups, and newcomers to the area without established Thanksgiving traditions.

Pie will be on the menu at the Scarborough Community Thanksgiving dinner at Wentworth School Courtesy photo/ Kelly Murphy

“Our goal is to fill every table, intentionally seating groups together,” Murphy said. Murphy described a time when a widower came to the event by himself. He was a bit hesitant, she said, but sat with a group of teenagers. “Rather than be alone, he decided to join us at the last minute and wound up having the best time with his tablemates,” Murphy said.


Volunteers play a crucial role in the success of Scarborough Community Thanksgiving, she said. The event has reached volunteer capacity for this year, showcasing the community’s eagerness to contribute. “This event wouldn’t be possible without the talent and commitment of Peter Esposito and the rest of the Scarborough Schools Nutrition staff preparing the meal. Community Services and the Scarborough Police Department also play a huge role in the logistics of the day. It takes a full community effort including dozens of volunteers to pull this off every year,” Murphy said.

The dinner is not only free of charge but also offers transportation to the school within Scarborough.

“We welcome upwards of 400 people into Wentworth School to share Thanksgiving dinner with us,” Murphy said. “Dinner is served from 11 a.m. to a 1 p.m.. Every one is in and out in two hours — we’re a well oiled machine! Any leftover food is taken to the Preble Street Food Hub to be distributed among their network.”

To RSVP, go yo or contact Project Grace at 207-882511. To donate to the dinner online, visit

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