Pick up after dogs

To the editor,

We took a walk at Ferry Beach Park the other day, and were disgusted to find doggie doo bags left on the ground beside the trails. So what gives? The dog owner knew enough to pick up after their pet, and to tie the little bag shut, but then, they just left it on the ground. Don’t you wonder why?

Maybe they planned to come back and retrieve the poop? Maybe they thought the park staff would come by and pick it up? Hard to tell. We picked up two bags and carried them out to the trash.

Look, if you’re smart enough to bag up your dog’s poop, you should be clever enough to carry the bag out of the park. If you don’t like carrying the bag or touching it, put it in a plastic grocery bag or wear disposable rubber gloves. Just don’t bag it, and then leave it for others to find, smell and step on. How gross can someone be?

Randy Randall

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