Susan Shannon sweeps water out of her store, Sea Glass Jewelry Studio in Kennebunkport, on Wednesday. Shannon has been in that space since 2006 and says she thinks Wednesday’s flooding from the Kennebunk River is the worst she has ever seen. Shannon said she had 7½ inches of water in her store. Gregory Rec/Staff Photographer

Ram Island Ledge Light is seen in the background as waves break against the rocks at Fort Williams Park. Derek Davis/Staff Photographer

Steve Pochebit empties a wheelbarrow of rocks on Wednesday that washed up in his driveway and covered Ocean Avenue in Kennebunkport, making the road near the Bush family compound at Walker’s Point impassable. Gregory Rec/Staff Photographer

Richard DeCourcey, chef at J’s Oyster, pokes his head out of a door to witness the floodwaters at high tide on Wednesday. Ben McCanna/Staff Photographer

Firefighters inspect a smoldering utility pole on a flooded Portland Pier at high tide Wednesday. Ben McCanna/Staff Photographer

A section of Route 1 in Scarborough is closed because of flooding over the marsh. Derek Davis/Staff Photographer

A worker moves a barrier into place as a storm surge pushes water and foam onto Old Orchard Street in Old Orchard Beach. Derek Davis/Staff Photographer

A house on Ocean Avenue in Kennebunkport known locally as the Rock House is pummeled by a wave during high tide on Wednesday. Gregory Rec/Staff Photographer

A patio on a home along Fortunes Rocks Beach in Biddeford was severely damage from the storm surge. Brianna Soukup/Staff Photographer

Illustrator Scott Nash carries his shoes while walking barefoot with his dog Bowie through floodwater on Peaks Island. Nash said Island Services did a good job of plowing rocks free from Seashore Avenue to clear the roadway earlier in the day. “It was an incomprehensible amount of rocks” kicked up by the storm, he said. Ben McCanna/Staff Photographer

The porch of a house along Fortunes Rocks Beach was washed out from the storm. Celeste Guay and Odelle Loignon, two cousins whose family has owned the home for 120 years, said that they only know of one storm that caused more damage to the house than this one, in 1978. Brianna Soukup/Staff Photographer

Celine Pochebit rakes large beach stones away from the end of her driveway on Ocean Avenue in Kennebunkport on Wednesday. Rocks and debris made Ocean Avenue impassable in front of Pochebit’s home, which is across from Walker’s Point. Gregory Rec/Staff Photographer

Paul ‘Happy’ Gilmore, a city employee, leans around a corner on Portland Pier to see flood waters rolling onto the street on Wednesday. Ben McCanna/Staff Photographer

Bryce White, an employee at Harbor Fish Market, photographs the flooded Custom House Wharf from a loading bay on Wednesday at high tide after heavy rain and strong winds caused coastal flooding in Portland. Ben McCanna/Staff Photographer

A van drives through floodwaters across Route 9 in Wells. Gregory Rec/Staff Photographer

Billy Doner of Old Orchard Beach runs from the encroaching foam of the surf while watching the storm at the Pier on Wednesday morning. Derek Davis/Staff Photographer

Lana Ruyack, of Portland, watches the waves from Wednesday’s storm at Fort Williams in Cape Elizabeth. Brianna Soukup/Staff Photographer

A city worker erects a barricade at the intersection of Franklin Avenue and Somerset Street where two vehicles were stranded by flooding. Ben McCanna/Staff Photographer

A man walks along Beach Avenue in Kennebunk where a section of sea wall was ripped out by storm surge. Gregory Rec/Staff Photographer

The entire side wall of this garage at 155 Beach Avenue in Kennebunk was ripped off during the storm surge on Wednesday morning. Gregory Rec/Staff Photographer

Crews work on Highland Avenue in Scarborough after power lines were downed by a large, fallen tree. Derek Davis/Staff Photographer

Firefighters Donald Lashomb, left, and Scott DuMais erect a barrier at a flooded section of West Grand Avenue in Ocean Park, Old Orchard Beach. Derek Davis/Staff Photographer

Madeleine Pryor of Peaks Island wades through floodwaters on Seashore Avenue at sunset. Ben McCanna/Staff Photographer

People walk along Fortunes Rocks Beach as large waves from the storm break in the distance. Brianna Soukup/Staff Photographer

The brick wall at the bell house at Pemaquid Point Lighthouse park in Bristol partially collapsed in the storm. Photo by Kyle Santheson

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