Presidential primary

Residents can request an absentee ballot for the March 5 presidential primary at Ballots will be mailed out early this month.

Maine, effective Jan. 1, became a semi-open primary, allowing unenrolled voters to vote in primaries. Voters who are not enrolled in a party may choose to vote in one party’s primary.

The March 5 primary is only for the Democratic and Republican parties. The Green Independent, No Labels, Forward, People’s and Libertarian parties do not participate.

50 years ago

The American Journal reported on Jan. 30, 1974, that Mary Carpenter of Jonesboro was spending several weeks with her parents on South Street.

U.S. taxpayer debt

The U.S. Treasury Department reported on Jan. 25 that the U.S. public debt was $34,135,530,482,291.88.

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