I have come to look forward to the weekly opinion columns written by Heather D. Martin and Abdi Nor Iftin. Both writers have a way with words that makes me feel as if they are speaking directly to me. Last week’s essays hit the mark.

Martin writes of the late, great Ashley Bryan, who in my opinion was, and is, one of Maine’s treasured residents. My husband and I watched the documentary “I Know a Man” a few years ago. We were awed by his humanity, warmth and creativity. We have bought many of his illustrated books, some written by Langston Hughes, and read them to our grandchildren. They are magical and our grandkids continue to ask us to read them.

I was also charmed by Iftin’s story of learning how to skate on the Royal River. As a lifelong ice skater I was amazed at his willingness to attempt a sport that had to be one of the most intimidating adventures a young man born in an African country could ever try. Our family, along with good friends, has spent so many years skating on that
beautiful river as Iftin says, “building connections, overcoming challenges and discovering the beauty of shared experiences.”

Thank you to both of these wonderful writers.

Corey Goodrich

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