I fell in love with the pristine beauty of Maine as a young girl in the 1960s. It was beautiful then and is still today, because we as Mainers have done so much to keep it that way. Now we can take one more step by supporting the Advanced Clean Cars II Standards. These standards will support the transition to and improve access to clean electric vehicles.

We know that climate change is impacting our state financially and culturally. Storms, warmer waters and winters more challenging fishing and lobstering are just a few examples. But did you also know that the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in our state is from transportation?

I switched to an electric vehicle to reduce my carbon footprint and protect the environment, but my Ford EV is doing so much more. It is a pleasure to drive and own. It’s quiet, odorless and affordable and easy to charge at home.

Passing the Advanced Clean Cars II Standards will make it easier for everyone to transition to an EV, by ensuring that manufacturers supply Maine with a greater number and variety of affordable new EVs, in turn stimulating the used EV market. If we don’t pass it, affordable EVs will go to states that do have these standards, limiting access to new and used EVs in Maine for years to come.

Laurie Manos

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