A dose of honesty

I had gone shopping at Wal-Mart last night, put my groceries into my car and I drove home. When I arrived home, I found that I had forgotten my purse.

I drove back to the store in hopes of finding it. My family members were calling the store to see if anyone had found it.
I’d like to use this space to say Thank You my anonymous friend, for finding my purse, and turning it in to the Customer Service Desk at Wal-Mart where I could gladly retrieve it.

I am so blessed knowing that there are still faithful hearts that care to do the right thing, and know that one day, they will be richly rewarded for their act of kindness.

Mary Ann Kittle,

How we spend our money

Your Friday, Feb. 2, headlines read “Brunswick police request $380,000 armored vehicle” and “Brunswick shelter is given $16K in federal funding for housing.” That is a difference of $364,000. And which one of these funding directions would have helped prevent headline three, “Shooting victims’ families share anger, heartbreak”? Military hardware, or housing and human services?

Our police and sheriff’s departments are justifiably terrified of our populace because they have guns, particularly military grade ones that are designed to kill people. The answer is not to barricade themselves into ever larger and more expensive fortresses, but to outlaw the guns that can be fired rapidly at people.

Marcia Clark,

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