Saco police acquire app that helps them communicate with non-English speaking people. Courtesy photo

SACO — The Saco Police Department takes a step forward in its commitment to serving the city’s diverse community by adopting Convey911, a cutting-edge language solutions tool designed to revolutionize communication in both emergency and non-emergency situations, according to a police press release.

Convey911’s Convey Connect Language Interpretation Service provides instant access to a vast network of certified interpreters, facilitating seamless communication in over 350 languages and dialects, including American Sign Language (ASL) through video. This solution will help the Saco Police Department serve and protect our community by overcoming language barriers during emergencies and non-emergencies alike, according to the release.

A highlight of the application is the almost instantaneous connection to certified and credentialed interpreters, who are specifically trained for 911, public safety, and mental health scenarios.

For instance, if a there is a language barrier, the officer can open the app, present the app to the citizen, and the citizen or officer can choose the specific language of the citizen. This allows the officer to provide assistance, gather information, and ensure a safer outcome for all parties involved.

“We’re enthusiastic about the integration of Convey911 into our daily operations,” said Lt. Ken Foss of the Saco Police Department.

For further information or inquiries, contact Lt. Ken Foss at the Saco Police Department at 207-284-4535 or

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