In order to protect the healthy, rural nature of Falmouth, the town needs an ordinance to limit the amount of fertilizer and pesticides applied to our land. The town has been monitoring their use for several years. Town data shows that every year, tons and tons of fertilizers and pesticides are applied in the town. Nitrogen in these fertilizers runs down streams and into the ocean. You can see it fertilizing algae at Town Landing. On St. Patrick’s Day, some rocks were literally green with algae.

Some of the pesticides we are applying to our lawns are killing the bees that pollinate our blueberries, apples and flowers. Others poison the insects our birds need to feed their young. We need to prevent fertilizers and pesticides from damaging our land, water and wildlife.

An ordinance to limit the use of lawn chemicals will come before the Falmouth Town Council on Monday, March 25, at 7 p.m. Supporting it will help preserve the healthy, rural character of our town. I support the ordinance.

Susan Gilpin

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