Committee works on school solution

To the editor,

You may be wondering how the School Department is moving forward since the Consolidated School proposal was defeated on the November ballot. I’d like to be able to tell you that a school solution has been found. As of this date, it is a work in progress.

We have assembled a new School Building Advisory Committee composed of Scarborough residents. Seventy-two of us started out and we have become a more cohesive group of about 55 after our first six weeks. Committee volunteers represent a wide range of ages and interests with various backgrounds and skills and include newcomers and longtime residents. There are many supporters of the earlier proposal as well as many opponents of that proposal among the group.

We are eager to determine what the schools need and recommend a proposal that will pass at the polls. You can find us rolling up our sleeves every Monday night in the classroom at the Public Safety Building.

Right now, we are organized into five subcommittees; each group is focusing on different aspects of school needs. We are reviewing all the materials prepared by the earlier committees — going as far back as 2014. We are dedicated to identifying a fiscally responsible solution for the deficiencies of our schools.

This will be a difficult task, especially for this diverse group. I am confident we have the skills, knowledge, and creativity to arrive at a solution.

Together we are striving to bring forward a solution that the entire community will approve.

Susan Hamill

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