TEO STEVERLYNCK-HORNE, Senior – Nordic skiing

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• Class B state champion, classic
* Class B state champion, freestyle
* Class B state champion, pursuit
* WMC Nordic all-star

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Steverlynck-Horne was simply an unbeatable force to be reckoned with this winter as he led the Falcons to a Class B state title.

Steverlynck-Horne got better each of his high school seasons. As a sophomore, Steverlynck-Horne placed sixth in the classic and eighth in the freestyle at the state meet. In his junior season, he moved up to second in both events.

This year, he wouldn’t be denied the top spot on the podium.

At the Western Maine Conference meet, Steverlynck-Horne swept the classical (12 minutes, 50.6 seconds) and freestyle (12:24.7) races.


At states, he rolled as well, capturing the classic in 14:27.9 and the freestyle (12:30.7), helping Freeport win a repeat title. His overall time of 26 minutes, 57.7 seconds was the fastest at states of any skier, regardless of class.

Steverlynck-Horne also competes in cross country running and outdoor track and is one of the special three-sport athletes in our midst.

Teo Steverlyck-Horne, Freeport’s Winter Athlete of the Year, has just scratched the surface as a skier and big things still await down the trail.

Coach Jess Marion’s comment: “Everyone that knows Teo knows him to be an extremely kind, patient and laid-back individual. If he gets nervous or stressed, he rarely shows it. Teo has an amazing ability to keep all things in a larger context, seeing each race as a new challenge and a part of his overall path to meet his goals. He doesn’t get hung up on imperfections or challenges. He can adapt and excel in any environment thrown at him.  As a leader, he is both an inspiration and a catalyst for unity. He promotes hard work through his exceptional work ethic, but he balances that with his love for having fun. Teo is equally likely to be found starting a snowball fight as he is to be found on a podium. As a coach, I often relied on him to help the team shift focus. He could tell when it was time to give 100 percent effort and attention versus when it was time to relax and have fun. Teo is simultaneously confident and extremely modest. He will support his teammates and is truly a friend to all. It is a rare package to find an individual with such incredible athletic talent who excels equally well in academics and being a good person. I don’t know how else to say that Teo is one of those kids that only comes around every decade. He is possibly both one of the best skiers in the state and one of the most charismatic, modest and likable students I’ve met.”

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ROSIE ST. CYR, Senior – Alpine skiing

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St. Cyr wasn’t just a blur on the course, she was also the kind of teammate and foe that was widely respected and won’t soon be forgotten.

St. Cyr has been a top contender throughout her high school career. St. Cyr finished eighth in the giant slalom as a sophomore, then placed ninth in the slalom as a junior.

This season, in the conference meet, St. Cyr was third in the slalom (with a two-run combined time of 1 minute, 41.53 seconds) and fourth in the giant slalom (1:26.87). At Class A states, where Freeport was runner-up to Falmouth, St. Cyr finished third in the slalom (1:45.08) and placed fourth in the GS (1:30.91).

Talk about a model of consistency. Rosie St. Cyr, Freeport’s Winter Athlete of the Year, left her mark on the program and on skiing as a whole and leaves behind an impressive legacy.

Coach Phil Wagner’s comment: “Rosie is a paragon of excellence. She was eminently coachable. Always looking for tips and improvements to her technique and a tireless worker eager to improve her game both during the season and in the offseason. She made connections with dozens of skiers from other teams. Not only was she always cheering on her teammates, she was actively and genuinely cheering on and supporting her opponents. If the MPA (Maine Principals’ Association) gave out a Sportsmanship award for an individual, she would win it hands down. She’s friendly, funny, just a true pleasure to have around. She’s a great skier, great athlete, great teammate, great person. She will be sorely missed next season. I’m proud to know her.”

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