In basketball, coaches and rules officials often reward the aggressive player who slides across the floor in an effort to gain possession of a loose ball. Basketball instructors verbally encourage and publicly commend this type of hustle. From a rules standpoint, the travel rule is also temporarily suspended, and the player’s slide is not ruled a travel infraction. It can be painful, and often results in a bit of skin left on the floor.

The current Portland schools’ tax shortage and homeless encampment situation create an ideal opportunity for the Democratic Socialist of America and its constituents to put their espoused values into action and get some skin in the game. Since all housing providers are now required to register their apartments with the city’s Housing Safety and Rental Registration Department, renters could be taxed directly, and why not? Don’t they use parks, roads and schools as much as anyone else?

What an opportunity for the DSA to stand up for school children experiencing homelessness and translate their espoused values into action! Many of them will say that they already pay by simply paying their rents. However, this turns housing providers into de facto city tax collectors without compensation. Additionally, housing providers can no longer compensate for tax increases. Renters could pay local taxes and their fair share. The city HSRR department now has the database.
The DSA should get some skin in the game by taking one for the team and supporting the common good.

Timothy Robinson

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