The Facebook profile image from June Cleavers Vintage Closet. Photo by Jennifer Kline

Midcoaster Jennifer Kline is a lifelong fan of all things vintage.

“The fashion is so fun to me, especially the ’60s and ’70s,” she said.

In 2019, she started a Facebook page as a way to post vintage clothing she was selling.

The missing apostrophe was intentional.

“Without much thought, I typed in ‘June Cleavers Closet’ as the title of the page and I left off the apostrophe on purpose because I guess I was just lazy and didn’t really think much would come of the page.” Eventually Kline added “vintage” to the name, so it would be easier for people searching for that.

Along with clothing, Kline also loves vintage recipes, so in February of last year, she added another layer to June Cleavers Vintage Closet.


“I started re-creating vintage recipes idea and filming my husband’s taste test reactions. I never really thought the page would take off like it did, but now there are 92,000 followers there,” said Kline. Dishes he’s tried/endured include a strange green recipe called Ring Around The Tuna from a ’60s Jell-O cookbook.

June Cleavers Vintage Closet is nostalgic and whimsical with photos of things from Kline’s and other people’s collection of vintage treasures and fashion. Kline often models vintage polyester dresses she’s collected, including one with a mushroom pattern and another featuring ducks in flight.

Kline also shares old advertisements for wacky clothing, like a 1973 Sears catalogue page with pastel polyester men’s pants and a “That Girl” sunglasses display.

Some posts get hundreds of reactions and comments, others gets thousands, and every post is an entertaining and often funny look back in time, from the ’50s to the early ’90s.

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