Tepler for Senate

We were alarmed when we realized that, due to term limits, our wonderful senator, Eloise Vitelli, could no longer be re-elected.

But then we were thrilled to learn that Denise Tepler had agreed to be a candidate for this Senate seat (District 24). Over the years, we had worked as volunteers for many nonprofits and spent quite a bit of time at the State House. Too often we were surprised and frustrated when we understood how torturous and how long the path was to get even the best legislation passed into laws.

At the State House, we met Rep. Denise Tepler, who for eight years skillfully and thoughtfully represented Topsham and indeed all Mainers. She worked tirelessly to forge relationships with her colleagues, to listen to differing voices, to negotiate important legislation through the tedious but necessary committees.

Others will no doubt write about the specific policies that she supported for Maine seniors, for our youngsters, for our health care, but we just want to thank Denise for agreeing to serve in the Senate. She has our full support.

Sandy and Ole Jaeger,



I am writing this letter in support of Denise Tepler for State Senate Representative for Sagadahoc County and Dresden. I have not known Denise long, but we became close allies and friends quite quickly as learned about our backgrounds and thinking.

As an elderly woman, there are many things we hold dear: rights for women and children, abortion, strengthening education, empowering women and disadvantaged, but to me personally as someone who is in her 80s and handicapped, we have had long discussions in how even with the American Disabilities Act, many of my and others needs are not being met and with Maine being the oldest state in the Union, these need to be addressed.

I know many of you think this is not important and I did not either until I became older and infirmed. We need to not judge others needs through our own vision and I find Denise is flexible enough to do just that. Denise has served honorably in the House and I believe with her experience there and in life, she is a worthy contender for the position and a great replacement for Sen. Eloise Vitelli who is stepping down due to the end of her term limits. Please vote for Denise Tepler on June 11!

Sandra Basgall,
West Bath



For the Democratic Party’s Primary (June 11) I support Denise Tepler becoming the party’s candidate for State Senator for District 24 (all of Sagadahoc County and Dresden).

Denise served Topsham for six years on its Financial Board and was on the MSAD 75 School Board for six years. She is an experienced legislator who represented Topsham in the State House from 2014-2022. There she was on the Financial Services Committee, and Chaired the Health Coverage, Insurance, and Financial Services Committee (2019-2022). She is committed to ensuring the State’s funds are used wisely and is a passionate advocate for public health and improving access to quality health services.

In Sagadahoc County Denise has stepped up to combat hunger through her work with the Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program.

Denise does an excellent job listening to constituents, communicating with them, and helping them address problems with governmental issues.

Bruce Hauptli,

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