PORTLAND, ME – APRIL 6: This year, B&M Beans hits a major milestone: its 150-year anniversary. The Portland business began on Franklin Street in 1867 when George Burnham opened a food cannery. Soon after, he was joined by Charles Morrill to form the Burnham & Morrill Company. In 1913, the operation moved to the shore of Casco Bay in East Deering where it continues to this day. In this photo, B&M employee Kyle Corbeil uses a hoist to deliver a steel crate with than 100 cans of beans to a pressure cooker, or retort. The 104-year-old facility has 36 such retorts. Each silo-shaped, 10-feet-deep retort can simulataneously hold four crates, where cans are sterlized at a temperature about 250 degrees Farenheit for 90 minutes to five hours, depending on the product. (Staff photo by Ben McCanna/Staff Photographer)

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