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Commenting Questions and Solutions

Q. How Do I Share My Comments on FB and Twitter?
A. You can sign on to comment directly from your Facebook. It gives you the option on every story to recommend it and Tweet to your followers, or you can click ‘post to my Facebook' if you comment in the space below.

Q. I can't sign in! What happened?
A. Check these things on Facebook first: Are you certain you're using the right username? The right e-mail? The right password? If none of that is working you can check the Facebook FAQ for more answers.

Q. Who deleted my comment and why?
A. The moderators most likely did, and as for why it is probably because the comment violated our Terms of Use, and it was hateful, provocative, off-topic, or aggressive. Either the moderator caught that, or another user might have informed them of it. If you want to discuss your comment with the moderator, there is an e-mail ( you can contact us with.

Q. My comment is being held for moderation. When will it be posted?
A. All comments are held for moderation and approved or rejected by a Press Herald moderator. We moderate comments to ensure that we're hosting a conscientious dialogue at the end of our stories. As long as you add to the discussion and follow our Terms of Use, your comment will be approved. We moderate comments as quickly as possible and appreciate your patience during off-business hours and weekends.

Q. I think that comment violated the rules, how do I flag it for the moderator?
A. You can't flag comments using Facebook Connect , but you can e-mail our community manager at to report it. Make certain to say what story and the user who did it.