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Scenes from the port of Miragoane, Les Cayes and Ile a Vache.
Friday, March, 5th, 2010
Sea Hunter crew waits off the coast of Miami
Tuesday, February, 18, 2010
Terrier Rouge
Wednesday, January, 20, 2010
Konbit Sante in Cap-Haitien
Tuesday, January, 19, 2010
Scenes from Cap-Haitien
Tuesday, January, 19, 2010
Justinian Hospital in Cap-Haitien
Monday, January, 18, 2010
Bus ride from Santo Domingo across the border to Cap-Haitien
Sunday, January, 17, 2010

About our coverage

Columnist Bill Nemitz accompanied the Sea Hunter to Haiti as Greg Brooks and his crew attempted to deliver 150 tons of food, medicine and other supplies donated by people and businesses throughout Maine.

MaineToday Media also sent reporter Matt Wickenheiser and photographer Gregory Rec to Haiti to chronicle the efforts of Mainers helping Haiti. They spent a week filing stories online and in print and using Twitter and Facebook to tell our readers and followers what it's like to be there and what it means to help strangers in desperate need of assistance.

Gregory Rec
Staff Photographer
Matt Wickenheiser
Staff Writer
Bill Nemitz
Staff Columnist

Haiti Quake: Mainers respond to catastrophe

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Stories from the Sea Hunter

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Stories from ground in Cap-Hatien

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Local Stories

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