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Maine restaurants that failed inspections

Maine state health inspectors failed more than 160 restaurants for sanitary violations in 2013.

Fifteen eating establishments were ordered closed, three of them because they posed an imminent threat to public health.

Four restaurants that were closed but did not fail may have been closed for reasons unrelated to sanitary infractions.

By law, eating establishments must be inspected every two years. Other inspections are prompted by a complaint or are follow-ups to previous inspections.

Restaurants that fail are subject to re-inspection, and the establishments listed here may have passed subsequent inspections.

For more information on this list and restaurant inspection reports, call 207-287-5671.

IHH - Imminent Health Hazard, a designation caused by an emergency such as a fire, flood, extended interruption of electrical or water service, sewage backup, misuse of poisonous or toxic materials, onset of an apparent foodborne illness outbreak, gross unsanitary occurrence or condition, or other circumstance that may endanger public health. [State of Maine 2013 Food Code]

* Denotes a restaurant that was ordered closed but did not fail inspection and was not deemed an IHH.

This database was updated at 9 a.m. on Jan. 29 to remove Joey's 2 in Lewiston. The state erroneously included Joey's 2 in its list of restaurants with failed inspections; it was the restaurant that previously occupied the space at that address that failed.

This database was updated at 11:30 a.m. on Feb. 14 to clarify that Mr. Bagel is located at 50 Market St., South Portland.

Read all Portland restaurant reports.

SOURCE: Maine Center for Disease Control & Prevention, Division of Environmental Health January 1 - December 31, 2013
CityNameLicense typeInspection typeDateFailedClosedIHH
EliotEast Mountain Restaurant (51 Dow Highway)0-29 seatsRegular2/20/13YNN
KennebunkPedros (181 Port Rd)Eating + LodgingRegular3/25/13YNN
KennebunkChina Jade (45 Portland Rd)0-29 seatsRegular5/30/13YNN
KennebunkBartleys Dockside Restaurant (4 Western Ave)>75 seatsComplaint6/12/13YNN
North BerwickRedleaves Restaurant (6 High St)30-75 seatsRegular6/3/13YNN
OgunquitBanditos Mexican Grill (68 Shore Rd)0-29 seatsRegular9/4/13YYN
ParsonsfieldChina Garden (24 Federal Rd)0-29 seatsRegular2/19/13YYY
SpringvaleHen House Café (446 Main St)0-29 seatsRegular6/3/13YNN
YorkNormas Restaurant (529 Ice Pond Mall)>75 seatsRegular5/30/13YNN
YorkThe 123 Restaurant & Inn (123 Long Beach Ave)Eating + LodgingRegular6/12/13YNN
BridgtonRuby Food (160 Main St)30-75 seatsRegular3/6/13YNN
BridgtonLake Region House Of Pizza (224 Portland Rd)>75 seatsComplaint9/3/13YYN
BrunswickAsian Garden (168 Maine St)30-75 seatsComplaint1/18/13YNN
BrunswickFlipside (111 Maine St)0-29 seatsRegular3/4/13YNN
BrunswickJens Place (25 Stanwood St)30-75 seatsRegular3/5/13YNN
BrunswickBombay Mahal (99 Main St)30-75 seatsFollow-up6/12/13YNN
Brunswick1898 Bar & Grille & Jimbos Catering (165 River Rd)Eating + cateringComplaint8/8/13YNN
BrunswickJoshuas Restaurant & Tavern (123 Maine St)>75 seatsComplaint8/20/13YNN
CascoCamp Sunshine (35 Acadia Rd)Eating + LodgingComplaint7/26/13YNN
FalmouthHarmons Lunch (144 Gray Rd)0-29 seatsRegular4/2/13YNN
FreeportHarraseeket Inn (162 Main St)Eating + LodgingRegular1/8/13YNN
FreeportJacqueline's Tea Room (201 Maine St)Eating + LodgingRegular2/21/13YNN
GorhamThatchers Restaurant & Sports Pub (29 School St)>75 seatsRegular7/12/13YNN
GorhamMr Bagel (13 New Portland Rd)0-29 seatsRegular9/23/13YNN
GorhamNew Jan Mee Ii Restaurant (14 School St)0-29 seatsComplaint9/27/13YNN
NaplesA2M Variety (323 Roosevelt Trl)0-29 seatsComplaint5/29/13YNN
NaplesA2M Variety (323 Roosevelt Trl)0-29 seatsFollow-up6/10/13YNN
NaplesBrays Brew Pub & Eatery (678 Roosevelt Trl)30-75 seatsComplaint8/28/13YNN
NaplesA2M Variety (323 Roosevelt Trl)0-29 seatsFollow-up8/28/13YNN
Peaks IslandThe Peaks Island House Restaurant (20 Island Ave)Eating + LodgingRegular9/10/13YNN
Peaks IslandPeaks Cafe (24 Welch St)Eating + cateringRegular9/10/13YNN
PortlandBenkay (2 India St)Eating PlaceComplaint1/16/13YNN
PortlandErnies Pool & Darts (815 Forest Ave)Eating PlaceRegular1/28/13YNN
PortlandThe Corner Room (110 Exchange St)Eating PlaceRegular1/28/13YNN
PortlandTandoor Inc (88 Exchange St)Eating PlaceFollow-up2/15/13YNN
PortlandTandoor Bread (845 Forest Ave)Eating PlaceComplaint4/19/13YNN
PortlandShanghai Tokyo Restaurant (511 Congress St)Eating PlaceRegular5/1/13YNN
PortlandSaigon Restaurant (795 Forest Ave)CateringRegular5/6/13YNN
PortlandVeranda Noodle Bar (14 Veranda St)Eating PlaceRegular5/13/13YNN
PortlandThanh Thanh 2 (782 Forest Ave)Eating PlaceRegular5/14/13YNN
PortlandFederal Spice (225 Federal St)Eating PlaceRegular5/20/13YNN
PortlandPanda Gardens (1041 Brighton Ave)Eating PlaceRegular5/21/13YNN
PortlandPoms Thai Taste Restaurant & Noodle House (571 Congress St)Eating PlaceRegular5/28/13YNN
PortlandJan Mee Chinese Restaurant (280 Saint John St)Eating PlaceRegular5/31/13YNN
PortlandMesa Verde (618 Congress St)Eating PlaceComplaint6/6/13YNN
PortlandVeranda Noodle Bar (14 Veranda St)Eating PlaceFollow-up6/7/13YNN
PortlandGinza Town (1053 Forest Ave)Eating PlaceRegular6/14/13YNN
PortlandYosaku (1 Danforth St)Eating PlaceRegular6/19/13YNN
PortlandVeranda Thai Cuisine (5 Veranda St)Eating PlaceRegular6/27/13YNN
PortlandAsmara Restaurant (51 Oak St)Eating + cateringRegular7/10/13YYN
PortlandKing Of The Roll Restaurant (675 Congress St)Eating PlaceRegular7/10/13YNN
PortlandThe East End Grill (47 Middle St)Eating PlaceRegular7/12/13YNN
PortlandBoda (671 Congress St)Eating PlaceRegular7/16/13YNN
PortlandWorks Bakery Cafe (15 Temple St)Eating PlaceRegular7/19/13YNN
PortlandSamuels Bar & Grill (1160 Forest Ave)Eating PlaceRegular7/22/13YNN
PortlandBrea Lu Cafe (428 Forest Ave)Eating PlaceRegular7/22/13YNN
PortlandBlack Tie Take Out Bistro (1 Union Wharf)Eating PlaceRegular7/25/13YNN
PortlandPort Bean Cafe (111 Commercial St)Eating PlaceRegular7/30/13YNN
PortlandAunt Dees (377 St John St)Eating PlaceRegular7/31/13YNN
PortlandSianos (476 Stevens Ave)Eating PlaceRegular8/20/13YNN
Portland*Pizza (633 Congress St #116)Eating Place - mobileRegular8/26/13NYN
PortlandPortland Regency Hotel & Spa (20 Milk St)Eating + LodgingRegular9/12/13YNN
PortlandSpartan Grill (24 Monument Sq)Eating PlaceRegular10/3/13YNN
PortlandPt's Showclub (200 Riverside St)Eating PlaceRegular10/7/13YNN
PortlandDock Fore Restaurant (336 Fore St)Eating PlaceRegular10/10/13YNN
PortlandJan Mee Chinese Restaurant (280 Saint John St)Eating PlaceRegular12/20/13YNN
PortlandBogushas Restaurant & Deli (825 Stevens Ave)Eating PlaceRegular12/23/13YNN
ScarboroughChicago Dogs (285 Us Route 1)30-75 seatsRegular2/20/13YNN
ScarboroughHappy Garden (174 Us Route 1)0-29 seatsRegular4/25/13YNN
ScarboroughChia Sen Chinese Restaurant (456 Payne Rd)30-75 seatsRegular11/14/13YNN
SebagoRichards Dairy & Seafood (264 Sebago Rd)0-29 seatsNew owner7/18/13YNN
South PortlandPretzel Maker & TCBY (365 Maine Mall Rd)Eating PlaceRegular4/16/13YNN
South PortlandHokkaido Seafood Buffet (415 Philbrook Ave)Eating PlaceRegular5/30/13YNN
South PortlandMister Bagel (50 Market St.) (50 Market St)Eating PlaceComplaint7/23/13YNN
South PortlandThai Taste Restaurant (435 Cottage Rd)Eating PlaceRegular11/18/13YNN
South PortlandTim Hortons (291 Maine Mall Rd)Eating PlaceRegular12/2/13YNN
StandishMaine Street Grill (7 Angelwood Rd)>75 seatsRegular1/9/13YNN
StandishKarry Out Inn (1147 Ossipee Trl)30-75 seatsComplaint11/6/13YNN
WestbrookRivers Edge Deli (616 Main St)0-29 seatsRegular1/7/13YNN
WestbrookBlue Burrito Cafe (652 Main St)>75 seatsComplaint5/1/13YNN
WestbrookProfennos Pub & Grille (934 Main St)>75 seatsRegular11/26/13YNN
WindhamMasa Sub & Grill (824 Roosevelt Trl Unit 3)0-29 seatsRegular2/4/13YNN
WindhamNew Green Leaf Buffet (765 Roosevelt Trl)>75 seatsComplaint7/16/13YNN
YarmouthGrill 233 (233 Us Route 1)>75 seatsRegular4/29/13YNN
YarmouthChina Taste (242 Main St)0-29 seatsRegular10/15/13YNN
AuburnGeorges Pizza (563 Center St)Eating PlaceRegular1/14/13YNN
AuburnThatchers Restaurant (550 Center St)Eating PlaceRegular1/28/13YNN
AuburnTin Tin Buffet (120 Center St)Eating PlaceComplaint10/28/13YNN
Auburn*Gritty McDuff Brewing Co (68 Main St)Eating + cateringOther12/6/13NYN
BethelThe Mooses Tale Food & Ale (129 Sunday River Rd)>75 seatsComplaint1/3/13YNN
BethelThe Sudbury Inn Of Bethel (151 Main St)Eating + LodgingComplaint10/11/13YNN
Carrabassett ValleyThe Bag & Kettle (19 Village W)>75 seatsRegular2/14/13YNN
Carrabassett ValleyGepettos (9000 Main St Village West)>75 seatsRegular2/14/13YNN
Carrabassett ValleyThe Shipyard Brewhaus (5092 Access Rd)>75 seatsRegular2/28/13YNN
Carrabassett ValleyThe Rack (5016 Access Rd)>75 seatsRegular3/14/13YNN
FarmingtonHomestead Bakery (186 Broadway)>75 seatsRegular7/25/13YNN
FryeburgJ & J Concessions Eating place - mobileRegular10/1/13YNN
FryeburgTwo Black Dogs Country Pub (2 Jockey Cap Ln)30-75 seatsRegular12/18/13YNN
GreenwoodMt Abram Ski Area (308 Howe Hill Rd)30-75 seatsRegular12/27/13YNN
LewistonOriental Super Buffet (40 East Ave)Eating PlaceRegular1/10/13YNN
LewistonCathay Hut (1134 Lisbon St)Eating PlaceRegular1/15/13YNN
LewistonLewiston Mandarin (750 Sabattus St)Eating + cateringComplaint2/5/13YNN
LewistonMother India (114 Lisbon St)Eating PlaceRegular6/12/13YNN
LewistonPepper & Spice (875 Lisbon St)Eating PlaceRegular8/6/13YYY
LewistonChopsticks Restaurant (37 Park St)Eating PlaceRegular8/14/13YNN
LewistonLuiggis Pizzeria (63 Sabattus St)Eating PlaceRegular8/27/13YNN
LewistonPop Shoppe Diner (413 Main St)Eating PlaceRegular8/29/13YNN
LewistonTrinity Episcopal Church (247 Bates St)Eating PlaceRegular11/6/13YNN
LewistonFast Breaks (1465 Lisbon St)Eating PlaceRegular11/18/13YNN
LovellEbenezers Restaurant & Pub (44 Allen Rd)30-75 seatsComplaint9/5/13YNN
OxfordSteves General Store (1573 Main St)Eating + cateringRegular1/28/13YNN
OxfordOxford Casino (777 Casino Way)Eating + cateringRegular2/1/13YNN
OxfordRocket Monty's (486 Main St)Eating place - mobileRegular7/30/13YYY
RangeleyThai Blossom Express (2473 Main St)0-29 seatsComplaint12/13/13YNN
StonehamCafe Services at Camp Susan Curtis (236 Allen Rd)Eating + cateringSPECIAL7/2/13YNN
Boothbay HarborMr C's Food & Spirits (204 Townsend Ave)Eating + cateringRegular4/16/13YNN
BremenHarvest Moon Pizza (307 Nobleboro Rd)Eating place - mobileRegular6/17/13YYN
DamariscottaRomeos Pizza (436 Main St)30-75 seatsRegular5/2/13YNN
DamariscottaSalt Bay Cafe (88 Main St)30-75 seatsRegular6/13/13YNN
DamariscottaSchooner Landing (40 Main St)>75 seatsRegular8/12/13YNN
GeorgetownFive Islands Lobster Co (1447 Five Islands Rd)0-29 seatsRegular7/22/13YNN
RocklandRock Harbor (416 Main St)>75 seatsComplaint5/23/13YNN
RocklandDuos Takeout (734 Main St)Eating place - mobileRegular6/25/13YYN
RocklandThe Brass Compass Cafe (305 Main St)30-75 seatsComplaint7/2/13YNN
RocklandPark Street Grille (279 Main St)30-75 seatsComplaint11/27/13YNN
ThomastonAthen Pizzeria (179 Main St)30-75 seatsRegular4/9/13YNN
UnityMarys Drive In & Dairy Bar (105 Bangor Rd)0-29 seatsRegular6/28/13YNN
WiscassetTaste Of Orient (306 Bath Rd)>75 seatsRegular6/18/13YNN
AugustaChina King Restaurant (57 Western Ave)>75 seatsComplaint4/10/13YYN
AugustaPizza Hut (65 Western Ave)>75 seatsRegular5/1/13YNN
AugustaDown Dawgs (204 Water St)Eating place - mobileComplaint7/31/13YYN
GardinerKimmies KitchenEating place - mobileRegular6/5/13YNN
PittsfieldKwong Lee Chinese Restaurant (125 Central St)30-75 seatsComplaint6/26/13YNN
Saint AlbansSunrise Restaurant Bakery (122 Hartland Rd)30-75 seatsRegular1/29/13YNN
Saint AlbansSunrise Restaurant Bakery (122 Hartland Rd)30-75 seatsComplaint6/19/13YNN
VassalboroLaurie Lunch (166 Stanley Hill)Eating place - mobileRegular6/20/13YNN
WatervillePapa Johns Pizza (270 Kennedy Memorial Dr)0-29 seatsComplaint7/24/13YNN
BangorMiguels Restaurant (697 Hogan Rd)>75 seatsRegular2/22/13YNN
BangorMcDonalds (632 Broadway)>75 seatsRegular2/22/13YNN
BangorBo Bo's Chinese Restaurant (617 Broadway)>75 seatsRegular2/25/13YYN
BangorMade In Thailand (40 Broadway)0-29 seatsRegular2/25/13YNN
BangorThe Ground Round (248 Odlin Rd)>75 seatsRegular2/26/13YNN
BangorPepinos Mexican Restaurant Inc (570 Stillwater Ave)>75 seatsRegular3/11/13YNN
BangorGiacomos (1 Central St)30-75 seatsRegular3/18/13YNN
BangorC & L Asian Restaurant (11 Bangor Mall Blvd)>75 seatsRegular6/10/13YNN
BangorPepinos Mexican Restaurant Inc (570 Stillwater Ave)>75 seatsFollow-up6/12/13YNN
BangorOriental Express (663 Stillwater Ave)0-29 seatsRegular6/18/13YNN
CorinthDoughboys Pizza Shoppe (325 Main Rd)0-29 seatsComplaint2/14/13YNN
HampdenFresh Ginger (64 Main Rd N)>75 seatsRegular3/4/13YNN
LincolnGolden Jade (79 W Broadway)30-75 seatsComplaint7/25/13YNN
MiloPats Pizza (20 Park St)30-75 seatsRegular1/3/13YNN
NewportNewport Big Stop (18 Moosehead Trl)>75 seatsRegular2/20/13YNN
NewportNewport House Of Pizza (8 Main St)30-75 seatsComplaint8/14/13YNN
NorthportHideaway Diner (1285 Atlantic Hwy)30-75 seatsComplaint1/14/13YNN
Old TownAcme Pizza & Wings Company (296 Main St)>75 seatsRegular1/30/13YNN
Old TownMike's Pizza & Restaurant (4 Free St)30-75 seatsComplaint4/2/13YNN
Bar HarborWhale Watch Cafe (1 West St)0-29 seatsRegular8/27/13YNN
LubecAtlantic House (52 Water St)30-75 seatsNew owner8/20/13YNN
SullivanThe Gallery (1715 Us Route 1)30-75 seatsRegular7/29/13YNN
Madawaska*The Acadian Restaurant (81 Fox Xt Ste 107)30-75 seatsComplaint10/30/13NYN
Oxbow Plt*The Oxbow Lodge (1208 Oxbow RdEating + LodgingComplaint3/6/13NYN