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2013 Maine school report card rankings and poverty

The state Department of Education's A-F grading system for schools, which was unveiled Wednesday, shows a strong correlation between low or failing grades and the percentage of students at a school receiving free or reduced-price lunch, an indicator of poverty. Each dot shows the average school grade ratings for each district (roll over the dots to see district names).
Elementary & Middle Schools
High Schools
"A"-ranked districts
"A"-ranked districts
Source: Maine Department of Education Data Warehouse. Free/reduced lunch statistics are from the 2010/2011 school year.
Interactive by Christian MilNeil/online producer
District NamePercentage of students eligible for free/reduced LunchAvg. district high school gradesAvg. district elementary/middle school grades
Acton School Department53.1N/AC
Airline CSD54.8N/AC
Alexander School Department56.6N/AC
Appleton School Department43.2N/AC
Auburn School Department49.1CC
Augusta Public Schools55.6CC
Baileyville School Department53.1FB
Bangor School Department48.0BC
Bar Harbor School Department14.6N/AA
Beals School Department70.2N/AB
Biddeford School Department51.0CC
Blue Hill Harbor School8.3N/AN/A
Blue Hill School Department36.2DB
Boothbay-Boothbay Hbr CSD44.1CB
Brewer School Department31.9CC
Bristol School Department44.7FC
Brooklin School Department40.9CC
Brooksville School Department43.3FC
Brunswick School Department27.9BC
Calais School Department58.8CD
Cape Elizabeth School Department3.5AA
Castine School Department14.3BC
Caswell School Department78.6N/AC
Charlotte School Department58.5N/AD
Chebeague Island School Department21.1N/AA
Cutler School Department48.5FB
Dedham School Department21.9CC
Deer Isle-Stonington CSD40.6CF
East Machias School Department61.9FF
East Millinocket School Department62.8CC
East Range CSD80.6N/AD
Easton School Department51.2BC
Eastport School Department62.3FC
Edgecomb School Department48.0N/AA
Education in Unorganized Terr65.9FC
Erskine Academy23.1N/AN/A
Falmouth School Department4.8AA
Fayette School Department46.5N/AA
Five Town CSD28.1BN/A
Foxcroft Academy41.9N/AN/A
Frenchboro School Department25.0N/AN/A
Fryeburg Academy27.1N/AN/A
Georgetown School Department30.3N/AD
Gorham School Department19.2BB
Great Salt Bay CSD37.2N/AB
Greenbush School Department67.1N/AC
Greenville School Department52.7CN/A
Harmony School Department60.9N/AF
Hermon School Department23.7CB
Hope School Department30.4N/AA
Indian Island86.6N/AD
Indian Township85.9N/AC
Islesboro School Department28.9BC
Jay School Department53.8N/AN/A
Jefferson School Department49.4FC
John Bapst Memorial High School1.6N/AN/A
Jonesboro School Department66.0N/AF
Jonesport School Department67.9N/AD
Kittery School Department24.4BB
Lee Academy64.6N/AN/A
Lewiston School Department62.0DD
Lincoln Academy22.2N/AN/A
Lincolnville School Department36.2N/AA
Lisbon School Department46.6CC
Long Island School Department26.3N/AC
Machias School Department60.8DC
Machiasport School Department78.2FC
Madawaska School Department41.3CC
Maine Central Institute15.7N/AN/A
ME Sch of Science & Mathematics15.7AN/A
Medway School Department59.2N/AC
Milford School Department61.5N/AC
Millinocket School Department58.5FC
Moosabec CSD57.5DN/A
Mount Desert School Department16.0N/AA
MSAD 2746.3CB
MSAD 4663.3CD
MSAD 7647.2N/AC
Mt Desert CSD28.2CN/A
New Sweden School Department58.8N/AD
Nobleboro School Department53.3FB
Orrington School Department28.5BC
Pembroke School Department67.3DD
Penobscot School Department38.5FC
Perry School Department51.5N/AC
Pleasant Point95.1N/AF
Portland Public Schools51.7DC
Princeton School Department63.8N/AC
Robbinston School Department56.9N/AF
RSU 01 - LKRSU40.0CC
RSU 0240.8N/AC
RSU 03/MSAD 0370.3CF
RSU 0451.1N/AC
RSU 0521.9N/AC
RSU 06/MSAD 0641.1DC
RSU 08/MSAD 0842.4CC
RSU 09/MSAD 0955.0CN/A
RSU 1052.8N/AC
RSU 11/MSAD 1145.9DC
RSU 1248.1N/AC
RSU 1355.7N/AC
RSU 1427.9N/AC
RSU 15/MSAD 1531.1CC
RSU 1637.9N/AB
RSU 17/MSAD 1762.1CC
RSU 1834.5N/AC
RSU 1961.7N/AD
RSU 2055.8N/AC
RSU 2119.3N/AA
RSU 22/MSAD 2224.6BB
RSU 2341.0N/AC
RSU 2453.5N/AC
RSU 2547.3N/AC
RSU 2628.7N/AB
RSU 28/MSAD 2826.7N/AA
RSU 29/MSAD 2954.7BC
RSU 30/MSAD 3071.8FF
RSU 31/MSAD 3163.5CC
RSU 32/MSAD 3249.2CF
RSU 33/MSAD 3349.7DC
RSU 3428.4N/AC
RSU 35/MSAD 3513.5AC
RSU 36/MSAD 3661.5N/AN/A
RSU 37/MSAD 3767.3FC
RSU 3832.0N/AC
RSU 3948.0N/AC
RSU 40/MSAD 4058.9CD
RSU 41/MSAD 4147.9FD
RSU 42/MSAD 4247.1CC
RSU 44/MSAD 4450.3FC
RSU 45/MSAD 4550.4CD
RSU 49/MSAD 4955.0CC
RSU 51/MSAD 517.0AA
RSU 52/MSAD 5237.2CC
RSU 53/MSAD 5356.2DC
RSU 54/MSAD 5458.3DC
RSU 55/MSAD 5554.0DC
RSU 57/MSAD 5739.9DC
RSU 58/MSAD 5859.2DB
RSU 59/MSAD 5960.6CC
RSU 60/MSAD 6029.9CC
RSU 61/MSAD 6153.2DC
RSU 63/MSAD 6332.1AC
RSU 64/MSAD 6454.4CD
RSU 65/MSAD 65100.0N/AN/A
RSU 6755.9N/AC
RSU 68/MSAD 6856.2FC
RSU 70/MSAD 7063.2CC
RSU 72/MSAD 7249.7FC
RSU 74/MSAD 7462.4CC
RSU 75/MSAD 7533.4BC
RSU 7846.5N/AC
RSU 79/MSAD 0149.2BC
RSU 80/MSAD 0464.1FC
RSU 82/MSAD 1249.7FF
RSU 83/MSAD 1365.8FC
RSU 84/MSAD 1483.8FD
RSU 85/MSAD 1980.2FC
RSU 86/MSAD 2055.7DD
RSU 87/MSAD 2347.6N/AC
RSU 88/MSAD 2461.7CD
RSU 89/MSAD 2579.1N/AN/A
Sanford School Department54.6DC
Scarborough School Department16.3AB
Sedgwick School Department61.7FC
South Bristol School Department44.4FA
South Portland School Department34.2BC
Southern Aroostook CSD71.8N/AN/A
Southport School Department18.5N/AB
Southwest Harbor School Department38.1N/AB
Surry School Department34.7CA
Tremont School Department48.0N/AC
Trenton School Department52.4N/AC
Vanceboro School Department71.4N/AC
Vassalboro School Department39.7FC
Washington Academy34.5N/AN/A
Waterville Public Schools57.6CD
Wells-Ogunquit CSD24.6BB
Wesley School Department50.0N/AN/A
Westbrook School Department50.9CN/A
Whiting School Department58.1N/AA
Winslow Schools38.8CC
Winthrop Public Schools35.6BA
Woodland School Department43.2N/AF
Yarmouth Schools9.6AA
York School Department14.1AA