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2013-2014 Poverty Index

Students eligible for free or reduced meals

Elementary, middle and high school students are eligible for free or reduced meals and milk at school, based on family income. The reduced and free meal data are often used as an index of poverty.

For the 2013-2014 school year, students are eligible for reduced price meals if their family's income is 185% or less than the federal poverty guidelines. Free meals and milk are made available to students whose family's income is 130% or less than the federal poverty guidelines.

The poverty guidelines are a sliding scale based on household size.

A zero in the data means that the number was suppressed the Department of Education

SOURCES: USDA, Maine Department of Education Data current as of October 1, 2014
DistrictSchoolTotal enrollmentNumber Eligible for Free or Reduced LunchPercent Eligible for Free or Reduced Lunch
ActonActon Elementary School2059546.3
Airline CSDAirline Community School351954.3
AlexanderAlexander Elementary533566.0
AppletonAppleton Village School1436243.4
AthensAthens Elementary School1208066.7
AuburnAuburn Middle School52326851.2
AuburnEast Auburn Community School1918745.5
AuburnEdward Little High School1,00044544.5
AuburnFairview School54518834.5
AuburnPark Avenue Elementary School36822160.1
AuburnSherwood Heights Elementary School41122554.7
AuburnWalton School28019569.6
AuburnWashburn School27721577.6
AugustaFarrington School38418548.2
AugustaLillian Parks Hussey School2037938.9
AugustaLincoln School27513850.2
AugustaSylvio J Gilbert School36417848.9
BaileyvilleWoodland Elementary School1278163.8
BaileyvilleWoodland Jr-Sr High School1779453.1
BangorAbraham Lincoln School23712351.9
BangorBangor High School1,18147640.3
BangorDowneast School38735190.7
BangorFairmount School26817565.3
BangorFourteenth Street School1545535.7
BangorFruit Street School34611834.1
BangorJames F. Doughty School39123760.6
BangorMary Snow School2468434.1
BangorVine Street School20512661.5
BangorWilliam S. Cohen School39914135.3
Bar HarborConners-Emerson School3895915.2
Baxter Academy for Technology and ScienceBaxter Academy for Tech & Sciences125129.6
BealsBeals Elementary School563562.5
BiddefordBiddeford High School79838648.4
BiddefordBiddeford Intermediate School36422962.9
BiddefordBiddeford Middle School57930753.0
BiddefordBiddeford Primary School53233162.2
BiddefordJohn F Kennedy Memorial School20412963.2
Blue HillBlue Hill Consolidated School2397832.6
Boothbay-Boothbay Hbr CSDBoothbay Region Elem School39719248.4
Boothbay-Boothbay Hbr CSDBoothbay Region High School21610146.8
BrewerBrewer Community School97838839.7
BrewerBrewer High School70922131.2
BristolBristol Consolidated School1727241.9
BrooklinBrooklin School672740.3
BrooksvilleBrooksville Elementary School552036.4
BrunswickBrunswick High School85021525.3
BrunswickBrunswick Jr High School50215430.7
BrunswickCoffin School35013638.9
BrunswickHarriet Beecher Stowe Elementary69724935.7
CalaisCalais Elementary School27518768.0
CalaisCalais Middle/High School28414751.8
Cape ElizabethCape Elizabeth High School555397.0
Cape ElizabethCape Elizabeth Middle School544315.7
Cape ElizabethPond Cove Elementary570264.6
CastineAdams School491632.7
CaswellDawn F Barnes Elementary Sch322887.5
CharlotteCharlotte Elementary School392564.1
Chebeague IslandChebeague Island School32012.5
CherryfieldCherryfield Elementary1087771.3
Cornville Regional Charter SchoolCornville Regional Charter School903336.7
Cranberry IslesAshley Bryan School12066.7
CutlerBay Ridge Elementary532139.6
DedhamDedham School1794424.6
Deer Isle-Stonington CSDDeer Isle-Stonington Elementary Sch2149745.3
Deer Isle-Stonington CSDDeer Isle-Stonington High Sch1092724.8
East MachiasElm Street School-East Machias1579158.0
East MillinocketOpal Myrick Elementary School1279474.0
East MillinocketSchenck High School1346750.0
East Range CSDEast Range II CSD School362980.6
EastonEaston Elementary School1065047.2
EastonEaston Junior-Senior High Sch1004141.0
EastportEastport Elementary School906066.7
EastportShead High School1105650.9
EdgecombEdgecomb Eddy School823239.0
Education in Unorganized TerrConnor Consolidated School312580.6
Education in Unorganized TerrEdmunds Consolidated School554378.2
Education in Unorganized TerrKingman Elementary School171694.1
Erskine AcademyErskine Academy57116729.2
EustisStratton School7474100.0
FalmouthFalmouth Elementary School892546.1
FalmouthFalmouth High School712334.6
FalmouthFalmouth Middle School518316.0
FayetteFayette Central School742533.8
Fiddlehead School of Arts and SciencesFiddlehead School of Arts & Science45020.0
Five Town CSDCamden Hills Regional H S68620129.3
Foxcroft AcademyFoxcroft Academy36730984.2
FrenchboroFrenchboro Elementary School0033.3
Fryeburg AcademyFryeburg Academy42713030.4
George Stevens AcademyGeorge Stevens Academy28900.7
GeorgetownGeorgetown Central School802733.8
GlenburnGlenburn Elementary School47717737.1
GorhamGorham High School84517821.1
GorhamGorham Middle School64415223.6
GorhamGreat Falls Elementary School50313025.8
GorhamNarragansett Elementary School2497329.3
GorhamVillage Elementary School-Gorham4278519.9
Great Salt Bay CSDGreat Salt Bay Community School45318540.8
GreenbushHelen S Dunn Elementary School1379972.3
GreenvilleGreenville Consolidated School20511254.6
HarmonyHarmony Elementary844958.3
Harpswell Coastal AcademyHarpswell Coastal Academy582034.5
HermonHermon Elementary School3828622.5
HermonHermon High School49511924.0
HermonHermon Middle School2767627.5
HopeHope Elementary School1946332.5
Indian IslandIndian Island School1166757.8
Indian TownshipIndian Township School14311379.0
Isle Au HautIsle au Haut Rural School00100.0
IslesboroIslesboro Central School952829.5
JeffersonJefferson Village School1929247.9
JonesboroJonesboro Elementary School624064.5
JonesportJonesport Elementary School1228771.3
KitteryHorace Mitchell Primary School40513834.1
KitteryRobert W Traip Academy2757326.5
KitteryShapleigh School40413934.4
Lee AcademyLee Academy16410765.2
LewistonFarwell Elementary School36824265.8
LewistonGovernor James B Longley Elem Sch37835293.1
LewistonLewiston High School1,36087064.0
LewistonLewiston Middle School70449470.2
LewistonMartel School33123470.7
LewistonMontello School69356080.8
LewistonRaymond A. Geiger Elementary School74348665.4
LewistonThomas J McMahon Elementary Sch64740863.1
Lincoln AcademyLincoln Academy48316133.3
LincolnvilleLincolnville Central School1867741.4
LisbonLisbon Community School63733552.6
LisbonLisbon High School39218647.4
LisbonPhilip W Sugg Middle School26915658.0
Long IslandLong Island Elementary School22022.7
MachiasMachias Memorial High School1044139.4
MachiasRose M Gaffney School35323466.3
MachiasportFort O'Brien School514180.4
MadawaskaMadawaska Elementary School25210742.5
MadawaskaMadawaska Middle/High School2419037.3
Maine Academy of Natural SciencesMaine Academy of Natural Sciences661928.8
Maine Central InstituteMaine Central Institute34310731.2
MedwayMedway Middle School1167665.5
MilfordDr Lewis S Libby School32617252.8
MillinocketGranite Street School26917063.2
MillinocketStearns Jr-Sr High School27515154.9
Monhegan Plt School DeptMonhegan Island School0033.3
Moosabec CSDJonesport-Beals High School614167.2
Mount DesertMt Desert Elementary School1842714.7
Mountain View Youth Dev CtrMountain View Youth Dev Ctr4444100.0
MSAD 27Eagle Lake Elem/Jr High School573357.9
MSAD 27Fort Kent Community High School30115049.8
MSAD 27Fort Kent Elementary School37819651.9
MSAD 27St Francis Elementary School292275.9
MSAD 27Valley Rivers Middle School1326146.2
MSAD 27Wallagrass Elementary School723143.1
MSAD 46Dexter Regional High School31719260.6
MSAD 46Ridge View Community School66144767.6
MSAD 76Swans Island Elementary School361850.0
Mt Desert CSDMt Desert Island High School53814326.6
New SwedenNew Sweden Consolidated School644671.9
NobleboroNobleboro Central School1356548.1
OrringtonCenter Drive School40511528.4
OtisBeech Hill School944143.6
PembrokePembroke Elementary School1006363.0
PenobscotPenobscot Elementary School613557.4
PerryPerry Elementary School966062.5
Pleasant PointBeatrice Rafferty School12310787.0
PortlandCasco Bay High School33514944.5
PortlandCliff Island School0025.0
PortlandDeering High School93151655.4
PortlandEast End Community School41531475.7
PortlandFred P Hall School45319442.8
PortlandHarrison Lyseth Elem School51718736.2
PortlandHoward C Reiche Community Sch36625870.5
PortlandKing Middle School53529054.2
PortlandLincoln Middle School48225252.3
PortlandLongfellow School-Portland3669526.0
PortlandLyman Moore Middle School49727855.9
PortlandOcean Avenue44221448.4
PortlandPeaks Island School531528.3
PortlandPortland High School87446953.7
PortlandPresumpscot School28120974.4
PortlandRiverton School45434676.2
PrincetonPrinceton Elementary School1208268.3
RobbinstonRobbinston Grade School482756.2
RSU 01 - LKRSUBath Middle School36317849.0
RSU 01 - LKRSUDike-Newell School33918855.5
RSU 01 - LKRSUFisher-Mitchell School23013558.7
RSU 01 - LKRSUMorse High School62820332.3
RSU 01 - LKRSUPhippsburg Elementary School863540.7
RSU 01 - LKRSUWest Bath School1494932.9
RSU 01 - LKRSUWoolwich Central School36912333.3
RSU 02Dresden Elementary School945053.2
RSU 02Hall-Dale Elementary School35812234.1
RSU 02Hall-Dale High School3058427.5
RSU 02Hall-Dale Middle School2158238.1
RSU 02Henry L Cottrell School22310145.3
RSU 02Marcia Buker School24111648.1
RSU 02Monmouth Academy2178137.3
RSU 02Monmouth Middle School2569838.3
RSU 02Richmond High School1465537.7
RSU 02Richmond Middle School1175647.9
RSU 03/MSAD 03Monroe Elementary School654061.5
RSU 03/MSAD 03Morse Memorial School1037673.8
RSU 03/MSAD 03Mt View Elementary School24817269.4
RSU 03/MSAD 03Mt View High School45728863.0
RSU 03/MSAD 03Mt View Middle School31923272.7
RSU 03/MSAD 03Troy Central School826781.7
RSU 03/MSAD 03Unity Elementary School563562.5
RSU 03/MSAD 03Walker Memorial School915762.6
RSU 04Carrie Ricker School29615552.4
RSU 04Libby-Tozier School19210052.1
RSU 04Oak Hill High School45217839.4
RSU 04Oak Hill Middle School32615447.2
RSU 04Sabattus Primary School19210956.8
RSU 05Durham Community School42510424.5
RSU 05Freeport High School5199217.7
RSU 05Freeport Middle School3016220.6
RSU 05Mast Landing School2716323.2
RSU 05Morse Street School2725721.0
RSU 05Pownal Elementary School1031211.7
RSU 06/MSAD 06Bonny Eagle High School1,16433128.4
RSU 06/MSAD 06Bonny Eagle Middle School88833537.7
RSU 06/MSAD 06Buxton Center Elementary School59923238.7
RSU 06/MSAD 06Edna Libby Elementary School28612744.4
RSU 06/MSAD 06George E Jack School1968342.3
RSU 06/MSAD 06H B Emery Jr Memorial School19510151.8
RSU 06/MSAD 06Hollis School34313138.2
RSU 06/MSAD 06Steep Falls Elementary School1204739.2
RSU 08/MSAD 08Vinalhaven School1788950.0
RSU 09Academy Hill School17411465.5
RSU 09Cape Cod Hill Elem School20211054.5
RSU 09Cascade Brook School27914953.4
RSU 09Gerald D Cushing School18611561.8
RSU 09Mt Blue High School71035950.6
RSU 09Mt Blue Middle School32117153.3
RSU 09W G Mallett School46727458.7
RSU 10Buckfield Jr-Sr High School25916362.9
RSU 10Dirigo Elementary School36024768.6
RSU 10Dirigo High School31916551.7
RSU 10Hartford-Sumner Elementary School31120064.3
RSU 10Meroby Elementary School29423780.6
RSU 10Mountain Valley High School42029770.7
RSU 10Mountain Valley Middle School27922580.6
RSU 10Rumford Elementary31624276.6
RSU 10T W Kelly Dirigo Middle School17110259.6
RSU 11/MSAD 11Gardiner Area High School61629147.2
RSU 11/MSAD 11Gardiner Regional Middle School48627155.8
RSU 11/MSAD 11Helen Thompson School29610635.8
RSU 11/MSAD 11Laura E Richards School24913654.6
RSU 11/MSAD 11Pittston Consolidated School19111861.8
RSU 11/MSAD 11River View Community School18812164.4
RSU 11/MSAD 11Teresa C Hamlin Elem School986869.4
RSU 12Chelsea Elementary School25113855.0
RSU 12Palermo Consolidated School1345037.3
RSU 12Whitefield Elementary School1809150.6
RSU 12Windsor Elementary School31617555.4
RSU 12Wiscasset High School20810048.1
RSU 12Wiscasset Middle School1757945.1
RSU 12Wiscasset Primary School19610955.6
RSU 13Cushing Community School733953.4
RSU 13Gilford Butler School883539.8
RSU 13Lura Libby School1639558.3
RSU 13Oceanside High School East46624452.4
RSU 13Oceanside High School West29016356.2
RSU 13Owls Head Central School803645.0
RSU 13Rockland District Middle School19411358.2
RSU 13South School28420070.4
RSU 13St George School17010058.8
RSU 13Thomaston Grammar School1306953.1
RSU 14Jordan-Small Middle School1886836.2
RSU 14Manchester School40715237.3
RSU 14Raymond Elementary School2307532.6
RSU 14Windham High School1,03131930.9
RSU 14Windham Middle School60020834.7
RSU 14Windham Primary School81728635.0
RSU 15/MSAD 15Burchard A Dunn School37913535.6
RSU 15/MSAD 15Gray-New Gloucester High School50616131.8
RSU 15/MSAD 15Gray-New Gloucester Middle School65323736.3
RSU 15/MSAD 15Memorial School2058742.4
RSU 15/MSAD 15Russell School28810536.5
RSU 16Bruce M Whittier Middle School2589336.0
RSU 16Elm Street School-Mechanic Falls29415051.0
RSU 16Minot Consolidated School2548935.0
RSU 16Poland Community School47920542.8
RSU 16Poland Regional H S52216732.0
RSU 17/MSAD 17Agnes Gray School977577.3
RSU 17/MSAD 17Guy E Rowe School46233772.9
RSU 17/MSAD 17Harrison Elementary1439062.9
RSU 17/MSAD 17Hebron Station School1346246.3
RSU 17/MSAD 17Otisfield Community School784253.8
RSU 17/MSAD 17Oxford Elementary School40530775.8
RSU 17/MSAD 17Oxford Hills Comprehensive H S1,09865059.2
RSU 17/MSAD 17Oxford Hills Middle School49432465.6
RSU 17/MSAD 17Paris Elementary School44531370.3
RSU 17/MSAD 17Waterford Memorial School1238468.3
RSU 18Belgrade Central School31113744.1
RSU 18China Middle School20810851.9
RSU 18China Primary School28314551.2
RSU 18James H Bean School2919332.0
RSU 18Messalonskee High School80127434.2
RSU 18Messalonskee Middle School53322542.2
RSU 18Ralph M Atwood Primary School25114557.8
RSU 18Williams Elementary School20311255.2
RSU 19Corinna Elementary School1499362.4
RSU 19Etna-Dixmont School25315059.3
RSU 19Hartland Consolidated School19713970.6
RSU 19Newport Elementary School29416756.8
RSU 19Nokomis Regional High School67936053.0
RSU 19Sebasticook Valley Middle School33018857.0
RSU 19Somerset Valley Middle School19212866.7
RSU 19St Albans Consolidated1076157.0
RSU 20Ames Elementary School1387050.7
RSU 20Belfast Area High School54927950.8
RSU 20Captain Albert W. Stevens School32917653.5
RSU 20East Belfast School1158876.5
RSU 20Edna Drinkwater School904954.4
RSU 20Gladys Weymouth Elem School1044745.2
RSU 20Kermit S Nickerson School735778.1
RSU 20Searsport District High School1569963.5
RSU 20Searsport District Middle School15311273.2
RSU 20Searsport Elementary21815370.2
RSU 20Stockton Springs Elementary Sch331030.3
RSU 20Troy A Howard Middle School37220454.8
RSU 21Kennebunk Elementary School46412126.1
RSU 21Kennebunk High School68213519.8
RSU 21Kennebunkport Consolidated Sch2003517.5
RSU 21Middle School of the Kennebunks52010119.4
RSU 21Mildred L Day School2488333.5
RSU 21Sea Road School2695119.0
RSU 22Earl C McGraw School3187423.3
RSU 22George B Weatherbee School3718623.2
RSU 22Hampden Academy69216423.7
RSU 22Leroy H Smith School32618255.8
RSU 22Newburgh Elementary School131076.9
RSU 22Reeds Brook Middle School3588924.9
RSU 22Samuel L Wagner Middle School22310446.6
RSU 23C K Burns School60824239.8
RSU 23Dayton Consolidated School14000.7
RSU 23Governor John Fairfield School285124.2
RSU 23Jameson Elementary School23710946.0
RSU 23Loranger Middle School31616552.2
RSU 23Old Orchard Beach High School22911248.9
RSU 23Saco Middle School69922632.3
RSU 23Saco Transition Program20040.0
RSU 23Young School3077223.5
RSU 24Cave Hill School886371.6
RSU 24Ella Lewis School1058278.1
RSU 24Ellsworth Elementary-Middle School81635143.0
RSU 24Ellsworth High School47419340.7
RSU 24Hancock Grammar School21110951.7
RSU 24Lamoine Consolidated School994343.4
RSU 24Mountain View School24316869.1
RSU 24Peninsula School21112559.2
RSU 24Sumner Memorial High School25015060.0
RSU 25Bucksport High School3069631.4
RSU 25Bucksport Middle School32016050.0
RSU 25G Herbert Jewett School1498657.7
RSU 25Miles Lane School30416253.3
RSU 26Asa C Adams School2567328.5
RSU 26Orono High School35410329.1
RSU 26Orono Middle School1564126.3
RSU 28/MSAD 28Camden-Rockport Elementary School37711931.6
RSU 28/MSAD 28Camden-Rockport Middle School3749425.1
RSU 29/MSAD 29Houlton Elementary School44330368.4
RSU 29/MSAD 29Houlton High School34617851.4
RSU 29/MSAD 29Houlton Junior High School19210755.7
RSU 29/MSAD 29Houlton Southside School28417059.9
RSU 29/MSAD 29Wellington School685073.5
RSU 30/MSAD 30Edith A Lombard School231565.2
RSU 30/MSAD 30Lee/Winn School947175.5
RSU 30/MSAD 30Mt Jefferson Jr High School886068.2
RSU 31/MSAD 31Enfield Station Elementary School25616464.1
RSU 31/MSAD 31Hichborn Middle School1126961.6
RSU 31/MSAD 31Penobscot Valley High School16510161.2
RSU 32/MSAD 32Ashland District School32319259.4
RSU 33/MSAD 33Dr Levesque Elementary School1175950.4
RSU 33/MSAD 33Wisdom Middle High School1395942.4
RSU 34Alton Elementary School613049.2
RSU 34Leonard Middle School30516453.8
RSU 34Old Town Elementary School56028951.6
RSU 34Old Town High School49219740.0
RSU 34Viola Rand School783241.0
RSU 35/MSAD 35Central School4279923.2
RSU 35/MSAD 35Eliot Elementary School2946421.8
RSU 35/MSAD 35Marshwood Great Works School3249228.4
RSU 35/MSAD 35Marshwood Middle School53510118.9
RSU 37/MSAD 37Daniel W Merritt School1398661.9
RSU 37/MSAD 37Harrington Elementary School17410761.5
RSU 37/MSAD 37Milbridge Elementary School1209276.7
RSU 37/MSAD 37Narraguagus High School20610651.5
RSU 38Manchester Elementary School1875428.9
RSU 38Maranacook Community High Sch42613732.2
RSU 38Maranacook Community Middle Sch27610738.8
RSU 38Mt Vernon Elementary School1276551.2
RSU 38Readfield Elementary School1797843.6
RSU 38Wayne Elementary School613252.5
RSU 39Caribou High School46420644.4
RSU 39Caribou Middle School27912544.8
RSU 39Hilltop Elementary School30917456.3
RSU 39Limestone Community School26220176.7
RSU 39Teague Park School24514057.1
RSU 40/MSAD 40Friendship Village School965052.1
RSU 40/MSAD 40Medomak Middle School27618065.2
RSU 40/MSAD 40Medomak Valley High School55129453.4
RSU 40/MSAD 40Miller School29720468.7
RSU 40/MSAD 40Prescott Memorial School945659.6
RSU 40/MSAD 40Union Elementary1156455.7
RSU 40/MSAD 40Warren Community School33721062.3
RSU 41/MSAD 41Brownville Elementary School1098578.0
RSU 41/MSAD 41Milo Elementary School27222783.5
RSU 41/MSAD 41Penquis Valley High School35225873.3
RSU 42/MSAD 42Central Aroostook Jr-Sr H S1968442.9
RSU 42/MSAD 42Fort Street School23713255.7
RSU 44/MSAD 44Andover Elementary School311651.6
RSU 44/MSAD 44Crescent Park School24110844.8
RSU 44/MSAD 44Telstar High School24613253.7
RSU 44/MSAD 44Telstar Middle School18410657.6
RSU 44/MSAD 44Woodstock School955456.8
RSU 45/MSAD 45Washburn District Elem School26716160.3
RSU 45/MSAD 45Washburn District High School1266249.2
RSU 49/MSAD 49Albion Elementary School1328564.4
RSU 49/MSAD 49Benton Elementary School62739563.0
RSU 49/MSAD 49Clinton Elementary School23316068.7
RSU 49/MSAD 49Fairfield Primary School15911270.4
RSU 49/MSAD 49Lawrence High School68035051.5
RSU 49/MSAD 49Lawrence Jr High School35121260.4
RSU 50Katahdin Elementary School20414169.1
RSU 50Katahdin Middle/High School18811460.6
RSU 50So Aroostook School35225672.7
RSU 51/MSAD 51Greely High School673527.7
RSU 51/MSAD 51Greely Middle School492459.1
RSU 51/MSAD 51Mabel I Wilson School5565910.6
RSU 51/MSAD 51North Yarmouth Memorial School3263410.4
RSU 52/MSAD 52Greene Central School37514638.9
RSU 52/MSAD 52Leavitt Area High School62422335.7
RSU 52/MSAD 52Leeds Central School1929650.0
RSU 52/MSAD 52Tripp Middle School29911337.8
RSU 52/MSAD 52Turner Elementary School2008442.0
RSU 52/MSAD 52Turner Primary School33413741.0
RSU 53/MSAD 53Manson Park School1256753.6
RSU 53/MSAD 53SAD #53 Alternative Education15013.3
RSU 53/MSAD 53Vickery School31316552.7
RSU 53/MSAD 53Warsaw Middle School30413042.8
RSU 54/MSAD 54Bloomfield Elementary School32123573.2
RSU 54/MSAD 54Canaan Elementary School23815565.1
RSU 54/MSAD 54Margaret Chase Smith Sch.-Skowhegan19813166.2
RSU 54/MSAD 54Mill Stream Elementary School36323965.8
RSU 54/MSAD 54North Elementary School18512366.5
RSU 54/MSAD 54Skowhegan Area High School81947858.4
RSU 54/MSAD 54Skowhegan Area Middle School53634263.8
RSU 55/MSAD 55Baldwin Consolidated School753850.7
RSU 55/MSAD 55Cornish Elementary School955861.1
RSU 55/MSAD 55Sacopee Valley High Sch40321453.1
RSU 55/MSAD 55Sacopee Valley Middle School31419060.5
RSU 55/MSAD 55South Hiram Elementary School20715474.4
RSU 57/MSAD 57Alfred Elementary School2006331.5
RSU 57/MSAD 57Line Elementary29015553.4
RSU 57/MSAD 57Lyman Elementary School2609335.8
RSU 57/MSAD 57Massabesic High School1,04041539.9
RSU 57/MSAD 57Massabesic Middle School74131242.1
RSU 57/MSAD 57Shapleigh Memorial School1445538.2
RSU 57/MSAD 57Waterboro Elementary School51623245.0
RSU 58/MSAD 58Kingfield Elementary School1517348.3
RSU 58/MSAD 58Mt Abram Regional High School25815560.1
RSU 58/MSAD 58Phillips Elementary School15711573.2
RSU 58/MSAD 58Strong Elementary School17411867.8
RSU 59/MSAD 59Madison Area Memorial H S26616260.9
RSU 59/MSAD 59Madison Elementary School25917868.7
RSU 59/MSAD 59Madison Junior High School19512865.6
RSU 60/MSAD 60Berwick Elementary Schools66927741.4
RSU 60/MSAD 60Lebanon Elementary Schools44121248.1
RSU 60/MSAD 60Noble High School1,09546642.6
RSU 60/MSAD 60Noble Middle School49022445.7
RSU 60/MSAD 60North Berwick Elementary Schools34510931.6
RSU 61/MSAD 61Lake Region High School53726148.6
RSU 61/MSAD 61Lake Region Middle School40021654.0
RSU 61/MSAD 61Sebago Elementary School834453.0
RSU 61/MSAD 61Songo Locks School46323951.6
RSU 61/MSAD 61Stevens Brook School29818662.4
RSU 63/MSAD 63Eddington School1877339.0
RSU 63/MSAD 63Holbrook School2597428.6
RSU 63/MSAD 63Holden School1694828.4
RSU 64/MSAD 64Bradford Elementary School1036866.0
RSU 64/MSAD 64Central High School38518848.8
RSU 64/MSAD 64Central Middle School26215458.8
RSU 64/MSAD 64Hudson Elementary School743851.4
RSU 64/MSAD 64Kenduskeag Elementary School1267156.3
RSU 64/MSAD 64Morison Memorial School18111060.8
RSU 64/MSAD 64Stetson Elementary School452146.7
RSU 67Ella P Burr School41728568.3
RSU 67Mattanawcook Academy35919855.2
RSU 67Mattanawcook Jr High School32120363.2
RSU 68/MSAD 68Se Do Mo Cha Elementary School39823759.5
RSU 68/MSAD 68Se Do Mo Cha Middle School26614454.1
RSU 70/MSAD 70Mill Pond School34524370.4
RSU 70/MSAD 70SAD 70 Hodgdon High School1559058.1
RSU 72/MSAD 72Charles A Snow School22513961.8
RSU 72/MSAD 72Denmark Elementary School1004444.0
RSU 72/MSAD 72Molly Ockett Middle School25011847.2
RSU 72/MSAD 72New Suncook School18810455.3
RSU 73Jay Elementary School31512941.0
RSU 73Livermore Elementary School45218240.3
RSU 73Spruce Mountain High School47722547.2
RSU 73Spruce Mountain Middle School38121757.0
RSU 74/MSAD 74Carrabec Community School26520778.1
RSU 74/MSAD 74Carrabec High School22814262.3
RSU 74/MSAD 74Garret Schenck School764964.5
RSU 74/MSAD 74Solon Elementary School1076964.5
RSU 75/MSAD 75Bowdoin Central School21710247.0
RSU 75/MSAD 75Bowdoinham Community School1818245.3
RSU 75/MSAD 75Harpswell Community School1657545.5
RSU 75/MSAD 75Mt Ararat High School82527933.8
RSU 75/MSAD 75Mt Ararat Middle School57121838.2
RSU 75/MSAD 75Williams-Cone School2277332.2
RSU 75/MSAD 75Woodside Elementary School32912437.7
RSU 78Rangeley Lakes Regional School1906936.3
RSU 79/MSAD 01Eva Hoyt Zippel School29117158.8
RSU 79/MSAD 01Mapleton Elementary School2057536.6
RSU 79/MSAD 01Pine Street Elementary School36821057.1
RSU 79/MSAD 01Presque Isle High School55422841.2
RSU 79/MSAD 01Presque Isle Middle School42621249.8
RSU 80/MSAD 04Piscataquis Community Elementary39328672.8
RSU 80/MSAD 04Piscataquis Community Secondary Sch30618359.8
RSU 82/MSAD 12Forest Hills Consolidated School1847641.3
RSU 83/MSAD 13Moscow Elementary835768.7
RSU 83/MSAD 13Quimby Middle School503060.0
RSU 83/MSAD 13Upper Kennebec Valley Senior HS684464.7
RSU 84/MSAD 14East Grand School14210976.8
RSU 85/MSAD 19Lubec Consolidated School917380.2
RSU 86/MSAD 20Fort Fairfield Elementary School26216161.5
RSU 86/MSAD 20Fort Fairfield Middle/High School27414251.8
RSU 87/MSAD 23Caravel Middle School21710347.5
RSU 87/MSAD 23Carmel Elementary School19410453.6
RSU 87/MSAD 23Suzanne M Smith Elementary School24911546.2
RSU 88/MSAD 24Van Buren District Secondary Sch945457.4
RSU 88/MSAD 24Van Buren Elementary School21814164.7
SanfordCarl J Lamb School52435167.0
SanfordLafayette School13510275.6
SanfordMargaret Chase Smith Sch.-Sanford39222356.9
SanfordSanford High School1,06657453.8
SanfordSanford Jr High School59039066.1
SanfordWillard School44031371.1
ScarboroughBlue Point School2303213.9
ScarboroughEight Corners Elementary School2344017.1
ScarboroughPleasant Hill School1651911.5
ScarboroughScarborough High School1,03815615.0
ScarboroughScarborough Middle School78914718.6
ScarboroughWentworth School70512417.6
SedgwickSedgwick Elementary School804961.3
South BristolSouth Bristol Elementary School633250.8
South PortlandDaniel F. Mahoney Middle School30311237.0
South PortlandDora L Small Elementary School3299027.4
South PortlandDyer Elementary School2695420.1
South PortlandFrank I Brown Elementary School3029130.1
South PortlandJames Otis Kaler Elementary School22613158.0
South PortlandMemorial Middle School41815537.1
South PortlandSouth Portland High School85430235.4
South PortlandWaldo T Skillin Elementary School40021152.8
SouthportSouthport Central School22036.4
Southwest HarborPemetic Elementary School1524127.0
SurrySurry Elementary School1025150.0
TremontTremont Consolidated School1094137.6
TrentonTrenton Elementary School1237460.2
VanceboroVanceboro Elementary School11054.5
VassalboroVassalboro Community School42923053.6
VeazieVeazie Community School1725230.2
Washington AcademyWashington Academy37014338.6
WatervilleAlbert S Hall School23415867.5
WatervilleGeorge J Mitchell School66047672.1
WatervilleWaterville Junior High School38723259.9
WatervilleWaterville Senior High School60431552.2
Wells-Ogunquit CSDWells Elementary School46211023.8
Wells-Ogunquit CSDWells High School4489521.2
Wells-Ogunquit CSDWells Junior High School4198821.0
WesleyWesley Elementary School0075.0
WestbrookCongin School42423555.4
WestbrookOxford-Cumberland Canal School31321568.7
WestbrookSaccarappa School32321767.2
WestbrookWestbrook High School70735850.6
WestbrookWestbrook Middle School77545658.8
WhitingWhiting Village School312064.5
WinslowWinslow Elementary School48226555.0
WinslowWinslow High School47617236.1
WinslowWinslow Junior High School31713041.0
WinthropWinthrop Grade School41016339.8
WinthropWinthrop High School2336427.5
WinthropWinthrop Middle School2027436.6
WoodlandWoodland Consolidated Sch1327758.3
YarmouthFrank H Harrison Middle School4715010.6
YarmouthWilliam H Rowe School183179.3
YarmouthYarmouth Elementary School3193410.7
YarmouthYarmouth High School500469.2
YorkCoastal Ridge Elementary3156019.0
YorkVillage Elementary School-York3085216.9
YorkYork High School6279114.5
YorkYork Middle School5797813.5