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North Yarmouth Academy
148 Main St., Yarmouth |

Graduation day: June 3, 2012
at North Yarmouth Academy

Graduation information provided by the high school

    Top 10 Seniors

    Brian Trelegan
    Son of Allison and Matthew Trelegan of Cumberland. Honors/Awards: Cum Laude Society, National Merit Finalist, AP Scholar with Distinction (2011), Highest Honors - 4 years, Robert R. Martin Prize in Mathematics (2011), John O. Hall Prize in Chemistry (2011), Payson-Bird Prize for Excellence in Composition (2010 and 2011). National Spanish Exam, Gold Medal, 2nd in State (2012), Gold and 1st in State (2011), Gold (2010). Activities: Varsity Cross Country (4), Maine Class C State Champions (2010 and 2011), Varsity Outdoor Track (4) - Captain (2102), Varsity Indoor Track (4), Math Team (3), Guitar (4), Community Service (2).
    Future Plans: Williams College

    Sarah Jordan
    Daughter of Roberta and Robert Jordan of West Bath. Honors/Awards: Cum Laude Society, AP Scholar With Honor (2010), Highest Honors - 4 years, Peter C. Naiden Award in Physics (2009), John H. Mitchell Prize for Leadership (2011), National French Exam, 4th in State (2012), 7th in State (2011), 5th in State (2010), and 8th in State (2009). Activities: Varsity Tennis (4), State Champions (2009 and 2010), Varsity Indoor Track - Captain (2012), Varsity Cross Country (3) - MVP (2011), JV/Varsity Soccer (1), Math Team (2), Athletic Council (2), Lifeguard and CIT at Camp Runoia, Day Laborer at Goranson Farm, Summer 2011.
    Future Plans: Carleton College

    John Milburn
    Son of Janice Baserga and Jeffrey Milburn of Cumberland. Honors/Awards: Cum Laude Society, AP Scholar With Honor (2010), Highest Honors - 4 years, Dr. Howard Rollin Ives Prize for Leadership (2009), John H. Mitchell Prize for Leadership (2011), John O. Hall Prize for Biology (2010), National Spanish Exam, Silver Medal, 3rd in State (2012), Gold, 2nd in State (2011), Gold, 1st in State (2009). Activities: Varsity Lacrosse (4) - Captain (2011 and 2012), Varsity Soccer (4) - Captain, Ice Hockey (4), Piano (4), Chorus (4), KIVA Club (2), Athletic Council (2), Assistant Student Director for Maine Adaptive Skating (4).
    Future Plans: University of Pennsylvania

    Maggie Meixell
    Daughter of Carolyn and Jim Meixell of Westport. Honors/Awards: Cum Laude Society, High/Highest Honors - 4 years, Robert O Hall Prize for Biology (2010), National Latin Exam, Gold Summa Cum Laude (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012). Activities: Varsity Outdoor Track (2), Varsity Tennis (2), Varsity Cross Country (4) - MVP-2008, Varsity Nordic Skiing (1) - Captain 2012, Chamber and Treble Choirs (4), Violin (4) District II Honors Festival (2), Acolyte (4), Winter Musical (3), Community Service (1).
    Future Plans: Gettysburg College

    Benjamin Randall
    Son of Holly and Jeffrey Randall of Lisbon Falls. Honors/Awards: Cum Laude Society, Highest Honors - 4 years, AP Scholar, National Spanish Exam Silver and 8th in State (2011), Bronze (2009), Honorable Mention (2012), Robert O. Linscott Prize (2010). Activities: Violin (4) - 1st Chair, JV/Varsity Basketball (4) - Captain (2012), JV/Varsity Lacrosse (4), JV/Varsity Soccer (4), Convenience Store Clerk (3).
    Future Plans: Tufts University

    Jessica Powers
    Daughter of Janelle and Johnny Powers of Falmouth. Honors/Awards: Cum Laude Society, Highest Honors - 3 years, High/Highest Honors - 3 years, National French Exam - 1st in State, 2nd in Nation (2010), 3rd in State (2011), 6th in State (2012), National Merit Commended Student. Activities: Bluegrass Singer (3) and District II Ensemble, JV/Varsity Tennis (4), All Star Team (2011), Scottish Dance (2), Varsity Volleyball (3), Theatre (3), Banjo (1), Babysitting (3).
    Future Plans: Colby College

    Hadley Gibson
    Daughter of Kristan Burns of Freeport and George Gibson of Pueblo,CO. Honors/Awards: Cum Laude Society, AP Scholar (2010), High/Highest Honors - 4 years, Dr. Howard Rollin Ives Prize for Leadership (2009), National Latin Exam Silver - Maxima Cum Laude (2009, 2011 and 2012). Activities: Theatre/Drama (4), Chamber, Treble and Upper School Choruses (4), District II Honors Chorus (2009 and 2011) JV/Varsity Cross Country (3) - Captain (2011), JV/Varsity Outdoor Track (4) - Captain (2012), JV/Varsity Field Hockey (1), Community Service (2), Freshman Class President, Art Director for Theatre Camp, Counselor for local Theatre Camp (2011).
    Future Plans: Tufts University

    Kathryn Cawley
    Daughter of Jacquelyn and Robert Cawley of Cumberland Foreside. Honors/Awards: Cum Laude Society, High/Highest Honors - 4 years, Academic All-American Lacrosse (2010), Western Maine Conference Citizenship Award (2011), National Spanish Exam Honorable Mention (2009, 2010 and 2012). Activities: JV/Varsity Lacrosse (4) - Captain (2012), State Champions 2010, Forecaster Spring Athlete of the Year (2011), JV/Varsity Field Hockey (4) - Captain (2011), State Champions 2008 and 2010, JV/Varsity Basketball - JV MVP (2010), Community Service (4), Yearbook (4) Editor (2011-2012), Dance (2).
    Future Plans: Colby College

    Ethan Liu
    Son of He Yali and Hua Liu of Chongqing, China. Honors/Awards: Cum Laude Society, High/Highest Honors - 2 years. Activities: Piano (4), Varsity Cross Country (2), Chorus (2), Basketball (1), Kiva Club (2), JV/Varsity Outdoor Track (2), Robotics Club (2), Math Team (2), Magician (2), Drama Tech (1).
    Future Plans: Colgate University

    Grant McPherson
    Son of Charlotte and Stephen McPherson of Durham. Honors/Awards: Cum Laude Society, High/Highest Honors - 4 years, Magna Cum Laude - Silver, National Latin Exam (2011 and 2012), Gold - Summa Cum Laude (2009), Cum Laude (2010). Activities: Varsity Cross Country (4), State Champions 2011 and 2010, JV/Varsity Outdoor Track (4), Varsity Nordic Skiing (3) State Champions 2011 and 2010, Jazz Band and Wind Ensemble (3), Intern at Maine Medical Center (2), Drama (2), Kiva Club (2), Freeport Merchants Association Volunteer (2), Sophomore Class President.
    Future Plans: University of Maine, Orono.


    Upper School Music Award Chelsea D. Muller '12
    RISD Book Award Anna C. Lyden '12

    Payson-Bird Prize - 12th Brian N. Trelegan '12

    Foreign Language
    Donald A. Schulman Prizes (Fren) Jessica L. Powers '12 (Span) J. Forrest Milburn '12
    Stanley Winship Hyde Prize Charles G. Gerrity '12

    Frederick H. Dole Prize Benjamin C. Randall '12
    Kenneth B. Coombs Prize Rachel E. Matson '12

    Upper School Award Sarah M. Jordan '12

    Arthur B. Fels Prize Brian N. Trelegan '12

    Senior Science Award Brian N. Trelegan '12

    Maine Principals' Association Award Benjamin C. Randall '12
    Yarmouth Lions Club Scholarship Rachel E. Matson '12
    MELMAC Thanh-Phong V. Ho '12
    Theater Arts Awards Hadley D. Gibson '12
    Vincent B. Welch Award Robert E. Field '12
    Arthur C. Hansen Award Jessica L. Powers '12
    Anne H. Johnson Prize Cailean M. Lane. '12
    Roger L. Williams Award Rachel E. Matson '12
    George Bartol Merrill Prize Jake A. Susla '12
    Bob Hawkes Prizes Hillary A. Detert '12 Camden J. Regan '12
    Headmaster's Awards Parker J. Howard '12 Moira Q. Lachance '12 Grant S. McPherson '12 Maggie G. Meixell '12

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2012 graduates

Kathryn Taylor Cawley
Alex M. Coffin
Asad Iessa Dahia
Craig Johnson Davis
Hillary Ann Detert
Robert Eaton Field
Charles Grimes Gerrity
Hadley Dian Gibson
Ruth Weyand Gray
Rudolph Abbot Fletcher Guliani
Anthony Jack Hardy
Hannah Rose Harmatz
Alexandra Leigh Hebert
Thanh-Phong Van Ho
Parker James Howard
Jae Yeon Jeon
Sarah McCook Jordan
Evan Patrick Kendall
Moira Quinn Lachance
Cailean Michael Lane
Samuel Ian Leishman
Yaoxi Li
Yunheng Liu
Anna Carolyn Lyden
Jarno Mannisto
Rachel Elizabeth Matson
Grant Stephen McPherson
Maggie Grier Meixell
John Forrest Milburn
Katherine Anne Millett
Alexandra Marie Morrison
Chelsea Danielle Muller
SooKyung Park
Tae Eun Park
Katherine Claire Perry
Jessica Louise Powers
Benjamin Christopher Randall
Cameron David Rayder
Nicholas Tate Rayder
Camden James Regan
Ryan Alan Rousseau
Ryan Michael Salerno
Artem Savelyev
Kevin Keegan Schwarm
Morgan Kira Scully
Jake Avery Susla
Yuqiao Tao
Julia Elizabeth Thompson
Brian Newey Trelegan
Hannah Elizabeth Twombly
Nathaniel Robert Douglas Ward-Chene