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Portland High School
284 Cumberland Ave., Portland |

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Graduation day: June 6, 2012
at Merrill Audorium

Graduation information provided by the high school

    Top Ten Seniors

    Eleni Anderson, daughter of Malcolm and Lynee Anderson, is the Salutatorian of the Class of 2012. While at Portland High School, she was a member of the Yearbook Staff, the Art Club, and the Field Hockey Team for which she served as Captain, as well as the Indoor Track, Outdoor Track and the Lacrosse Teams. Eleni also volunteered time as a peer tutor. Outside of school, Eleni participated in the Maine Medical Center Explorers, the Katahdin Field Hockey Club, Hockeypalooza and the Winter-Spring Indoor Field Hockey League. Her academic achievement earned her membership in the National Honor Society and was also the recipient of the Phi Beta Kappa of Maine Award. Eleni plans to attend University of Maine, Orono.

    Natalie Anderson, daughter of Drew Anderson and Jane Lee, is the President of the Class of 2012. She is a member of the Executive Board, Student Council and Key Club of which she serves as President. Natalie was on the Field Hockey and Tennis Teams which she served as Captain for both. She also was elected by her peers to be a Student representative to the School Board. Her academic achievement earned her membership in the National Honor Society and was the recipient of the Anatomy of Leadership and the Dartmouth Book Awards. Natalie plans to attend Boston College.

    Mary Badger, daughter of Campbell Badger and Juliet Holmes-Smith, is a member of the Executive Board. Mary was on the Math Team and was a participant in the Anatomy of Leadership Program. She participated in the Art Club and Outdoors Club. She was on the Swimming and Tennis Teams serving both as Captain, and on the Soccer Team. Her academic achievement earned her membership in the National Honor Society. She received of the Bausch and Lomb Award. Mary plans to attend Smith College.

    Jesse Dritz, son of Aaron Dritz and Pamela Tedford, is a member of the Environmental and Photography Clubs. He was the recipient of the Mt. Holyoke Book Award. Jesse plans to attend Colby College.

    William Hamilton, son of Doug Hamilton and Ann Vincent, is a member of the Executive Board and the Student Council which he served as Secretary. He was on the Cross Country Team, serving as Captain, the Indoor Track, Lacrosse and Swimming Teams, as well as a member of the Key Club. His academic achievement earned him membership in the National Honor Society and was the recipient of the Williams College Book Award. William plans to attend Boston College.

    Isaac Jaegerman, son of Alex Jaegerman and Susan Morris, was on the Sailing, Tennis and Debate Teams. He served as Co-Captain for both Tennis and Debate. He also participated in Nordic Skiing. His academic achievement earned him membership in the National Honor Society and was the recipient of the Cressey Scholarship and, Harvard Book Awards. He also received recognition for his National Spanish and Latin Exam scores. Isaac plays the guitar and violin. He plans to attend Bowdoin College.

    Ellen Jewett, daughter of Kenneth and Kathleen Jewett, is the Valedictorian of the Class of 2012. She currently serves as Secretary of the Senior Class Executive Board. Ellen is also a member of the Math Team, Drama Club and Shakespeare Club. She was a member of the Orchestra, the school band, the Field Hockey, and Tennis Teams. Outside of school, she is a member of the Portland Youth Symphony Orchestra and St. Pius X Church Choir. Ellen is a competitive archer. Her academic achievement earned her induction into the National Honor Society. She was also the recipient of the Brown University Book Award and the American High School Math Exam Award. Ellen plans to attend Yale University.

    Morgan McTigue, daughter of Robert and Heidi McTigue, currently serves on the Senior Executive Board. Morgan was on the Fall and Winter Cheerleading Teams. She dances competitively at Scarborough Dance Center. Morgan plans to attend St. Joseph's College.

    Timothy Phadungthin, son of Tony Phadungthin, was a member of the Indoor and Outdoor Track Teams. He is in the Army National Guard. His academic achievement earned him induction into the National Honor Society and was a recipient of the Williams College Book Award. Timothy plans to attend Rochester Institute of Technology.

    John Toohey, son of John and Yaselis Toohey, was a member of the Cross Country, Indoor Track and Rugby Teams and served as Captain on the Indoor Track and Rugby Teams. His academic achievement earned induction into the National Honor Society. John plans to attend University of New Hampshire.

    Scholarship Recipients

    Albing, Edward Scholarship Jacob Leopold Bigelow
    Allen, David W. Memorial Scholarship Dylan Gregory Bruce
    Altrusa Club of Portland's Alice Whittier Award Kelsey Coyne
    Anderson, Mable & Walter Memorial Scholarship Eleni Magdalena Anderson
    Anderson, Michael J. Memorial Scholarship Mary Elizabeth Badger
    Angelo, James Memorial Scholarship Lena Kalanga
    Bank of Maine Scholarship Elizabeth Bull
    Bennett, Mary B. Scholarship Catherine Anne Flaherty
    Berkowitz, Leon Memorial Scholarship Barry Sawtelle Quinn
    Blanchard, Alanson Scholarship Joseph A. Jacques
    Bleier, Rose Class of 1950 Scholarships Bridget Carina Barber, Keanan Michael Fox, Issac Jaegerman
    Boys and Girls Clubs Alumni Scholarships Nyalieb Deng, Princess Vina Hardy, Michael Matthew Herrick, Nyawal Lia, Barry Sawtelle Quinn
    Brown, James Memorial Scholarship Hugh Thomas Carroll
    Capt-n Eli's Sailing Scholarship Dylan Gregory Bruce
    Carr, Kathleen Scholarship Elizabeth P. Donatelle
    Chase, Isabella Preble Scholarship Kristin Renee Hebert
    Class of 1939 Scholarship Bryce A. Coffin
    Class of 1943 Scholarship Hannah Aislinn Chambers
    Class of 1969 Scholarship Kristin Renee Hebert
    Cole, Veranus Scholarship William Kane Chapman
    College Club, Portland Scholarship Chelsea Marie DePalmer
    Connolly Family Scholarship Yves Mashyaka Engelmann
    Cormier, Garrett Memorial Scholarships Samantha May Dobson, Ryan William Jurgelevich, Seamus Kilbride, Samuel L. Perdomo
    Cushman, Patrick Memorial Scholarships Thomas Dexter Morse V, Alexandra Paige Thompson
    Cushman, Rufus Cutler Class of 1865 Scholarships Isaac Jaegerman, Ellen Isabelle Jewett
    Custis, Alice L. Scholarship Benjamin Richard Day
    Damren, Doris H. Scholarship Kristin Renee Hebert
    Davis, Arthur E. Family Scholarships Yves Mashyaka Engelmann, Samuel L. Perdomo
    Davis, Marcella Class of 1925 Scholarship Arsen Tufankjian
    Delogu Family Scholarship Kyle Stephen LeBorgne
    DeVilleneuve, Benjamin Memorial Scholarship Nelson Arop
    Drees, Maurice Scholarship Nathaniel Rupert Porter
    Dr. Carl Eberl Memorial Scholarship Arsen Tufankjian
    Dunnell, Lyman Memorial Scholarship Anthony Bruce Bowden
    Early College for ME Scholarships Alexis L. Flowers Rahma Aden Hussein, Elfriede Kayamba, Yves Nzigiye, Sophea Elizabeth Prak, Stephen Arlan Whitney
    Elowitch, Abraham Scholarships Hunter Aldrich Andreasen, Samantha Paige Gilmour, Brett Daniel O'Kelly
    Elowitch, Yudy Scholarship Rachel C. Waterhouse
    Finard Properties Scholarship Samantha P. Gee
    Finn, Ruth H. Family Scholarship Nathaniel Rupert Porter
    Fitzpatrick, James J. Scholarship Nathaniel Rupert Porter
    Flagg, Susanne M.M. Grant Scholarship Valerie Floyd
    Foley, Isabella Memorial Scholarship Peter Donato
    Foley, Virginia M. Scholarship Akari Ishii
    Gerber Family Scholarships Julia Isabella Conley
    Edith Gerber Trombley, Class of 1922 Memorial Abby Menard
    Bertha Gerber, Class of 1926 Memorial
    Maurice Gerber, Class of 1926 Memorial
    Samuel Gerber, Class of 1931 Memorial
    Saul Gerber, Class of 1931 Memorial
    Philip Gerber, Class of 1934 Memorial
    Philip A. Gerber, Class of 1961
    John Gerber, Class of 1965
    Stephanie Stern, Retired PHS Teacher
    Gorham Savings Scholarship Natalie Anderson
    Green Memorial Scholarship Hugh Thomas Carroll
    Gribbin, Peter Scholarships Hunter Aldrich Andreasen, Akari Ishii
    Hibbard Family Scholarships Liam McNeill, Gentille Kirenga Runyambo
    Hutchinson, Muriel A. Scholarship Mary Anna Gorham
    Johnson, James and Jeannine Memorial Scholarship Samantha R. Walker
    Johnson, Theodore Scholarship Alexis L. Flowers
    Johnson, Theodore Scholarship Joseph A. Jacques
    Jones, Ray Memorial Scholarship Raechel Maria Allen
    King, Helen Memorial Scholarship Rachel C. Waterhouse
    Kochian-Parseghian, Family Scholarships Fund Eman Audai Abbas, Hunter Aldrich Andreasen, Jacob Leopold Bigelow, David A. Bliss, Dylan Gregory Bruce, Hannah Aislinn Chambers, Demetrius Daran Covington, Alexandra deLaBruere, Elizabeth P. Donatelle, Megan Rose Hart, Akari Ishii, Soleil M. Kinyana, Abby Menard, Geneva Elizabeth Morley, Munira Ahmed Mukhtar, Keisha Marie Mundy, Gabriel Jamahl Nichols, Mary Roma, Ashley Rose Staples, Jackson Murphy Swann
    Krekorian, Gary P. Memorial Scholarship Peter Donato
    Leahy, Mary Memorial Scholarship Kylie Elizabeth Dalbec
    Lee, John "Red" Memorial Scholarship Mary Roma
    Lee, Richard E. Memorial Scholarship Nyalieb Deng
    LeGage, David N. Memorial Scholarship Samantha Paige Gilmour
    Levey, Abraham S. and Fannie B. Scholarship Isaac Jaegerman
    Lincoln Middle School Scholarship Samantha R. Walker
    Loomis, Charles and Marjorie Scholarship Valerie Floyd
    Lowe, Arthur W. Scholarship David A. Bliss
    Mahoney, Ellen Cavanagh Scholarship Angalee Bridget Reali
    Mathews, Captain and Mrs. Richard Scholarship Ellen Isabelle Jewett
    McAnany, Timothy C. Scholarship Salma Salim Al Shammari
    McGrath, Jean Memorial Scholarship Jacob Ward Moberg
    McMillan, Cathy Memorial Scholarships Allyssa Madeline DiSanto, Olivia Danielle Kolar
    Moore, Lyman Middle School Scholarships Anthony Bruce Bowden, Samantha May Dobson, Ellen Isabelle Jewett, Andrew Joseph Schwartz
    Moran, Lynn Memorial Scholarship Samantha Jean Croston, Olivia Danielle Kolar
    National Merit Scholarship Ellen Isabelle Jewett
    Pooler, Janna Memorial Scholarship Iman Ali Abdelkadir
    Portland Administrators Association Scholarship Samantha R. Walker
    Portland Ballet Scholarships Julia Isabella Conley, Abby Menard
    Portland Education Association Scholarship Keanan Michael Fox
    Portland Music Booster Scholarship Emily Rose Krauss
    PHS Athletic Alumni Club Scholarship Hunter Aldrich Andreasen
    PHS Boys Baseball Boosters Scholarship Nicholas Anthony Deering
    PHS Boys Basketball Boosters Scholarship Michael Matthew Herrick
    PHS Boys Soccer Scholarship Benjamin Day
    PHS Cluster V Scholarships Isaac Victor Atterberry, Donna M. Austin, Robert Mikel LaVanway, Alysa B. Mello, Samantha Shaw, Jason A. Webster
    PHS Ice Hockey Booster Scholarships Raechel Maria Allen, Anthony Bruce Bowden, Nicola M. DiPietro
    PHS Student Council Scholarships Kyle Stephen LeBorgne, Barry Sawtelle Quinn
    Portland Pottery Scholarship Dylan Gregory Bruce
    Portland Youth Football League Scholarship Seamus Kilbride
    Powell, Timothy Memorial Scholarships Nicola M. DiPietro, Samantha P. Gee
    Pringle, Harry R. Service and Leadership Award Andrew Joseph Schwartz
    Quinn, John P. and Winifred A. Memorial Scholarship Ralph Denis Houanche
    Rand, Ted and Audrey Memorial Scholarship Morgan Brianna Alice McTigue
    Reiche, Laura K. and Howard C. Memorial Scholarship Heather Cron
    Reny Charitable Scholarships Jacob P. Hatch, Zachary M. Lane, Patrick Rugazura
    Rosenthal, Maurice & Doris Memorial Scholarship John Clements Toohey
    Serunian, Arthur Jr. Memorial Scholarships Isaac Jaegerman, Ellen Isabelle Jewett
    Shatz, Fannie and Sarah Memorial Scholarships Raghad Anwar Oshana, Brett Daniel O'Kelly
    Silver, Hyman and Sidney Memorial Scholarship William Samuel Hamilton
    Silverman, David K. Scholarships Jesse Esme Dritz, Timothy T. T. Phadungthin
    Soule, Clara by Samuel Weisman Scholarship Gentille Kirenga Runyambo
    Soule, Clara Watch Gentille Kirenga Runyambo
    Talbot, Franklin Scholarship Zoe E. Malia
    Tevanian, Casper Memorial Scholarship Arsen Tufankjian
    Thorne, Janet Burke Scholarship William Samuel Hamilton
    Trefethen, Evergreen Improvement Association Hugh Thomas Carroll
    Tyler Grandmaison MELMAC Scholarship Kaleigh Cardine Melody Colson
    Unity Lodge #3 Scholarship Carley Rayne McQuinn
    Volger, Ted Memorial Scholarships Peter Donato, Seamus Kilbride
    Walch, J. Weston Scholarship Liam McNeill
    Winship, Arthur and Katie Memorial Scholarships Bounahra Kim, Carley Rayne McQuinn
    Women's Literary Union Scholarship Ellen Isabelle Jewett

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2012 Graduates

Eman Abbas
Rukia Abbas
Habibo Abdalla
Iman Abdelkadir
Khadijo Abdille Abdifitah Abdullahi
Christine Adiye
Salma Al Shammari
Cindy Alarcon-Vasquez
Arafat Ali
Hindia Ali
Mahado Ali
Mohamed Ali
Samia Ali
Yahya Ali
Raechel Allen
Eleni Anderson
Natalie Anderson
Hunter Andreasen
Nelson Arop
Isaac Atterberry
Donna Austin
Mary Badger
Bridget Barber
Jacob Bigelow
David Bliss
Chad Boissonneau
Courtney Boothby
Quinn Bouwens
Anthony Bowden
Kristina Brown
Dylan Bruce
Elizabeth Bull
Paley Burlin
Hugh Carroll
J ohn Carten
Hannah Chambers
William Chapman
Abalo Charles
Evan Clark
Bryce Coffin
Emily Colello
Kaleigh Colson
Julia Conley
Garrett Cormier
Taylor Cote
Demetrius Covington
Kelsey Coyne
Heather Cron
Samantha Croston
Brandon Dagnese
Kylie Dalbec
Benjamin Day
Nicholas Deering
Alexandra deLaBruere
Nyalieb Deng
Chelsea DePalmer
Vy Dinh
Nicola DiPietro
Allyssa DiSanto
Samantha Dobson
Elizabeth Donatelle
Peter Donato
Jesse Dritz
Monique Duval
Lisa Elliott
Fathia Elmi
Yves Engelmann
Shakira Ernest
Catherine Flaherty
Alexis Flowers
Valerie Floyd
John Foley
Keanan Fox
Alonzo Garcelon
Samantha Gee
Samantha Gilmour
Mary Gorham
Jacob Grant
Kara Grant
Marcus Griffin
Jeffrey Hamel
William Hamilton
Grace Hanley
Princess Hardy
Bryanna Harrison
Megan Hart
Nargis Hassanzada
Jacob Hatch
Kristin Hebert
Michael Herrick
Nicholas Higgins
Christian Hodge
Ralph Houanche
Rahma Hussein
Akari Ishii
Faisal Ismael
Patrick Jabo
Joseph Jacques
Isaac Jaegerman
Fadumo Jama
Ellen Jewett
Francesca Johnson
Ryan Jurgelevich
Lena Kalanga
Elfriede Kayamba
Djuna Kendall
Seamus Kilbride
Bounahra Kim
Soleil Kinyana
Olivia Kolar
Emily Krauss
Zachary Lane
Robert LaVanway
Kyle LeBorgne
Katie LeClair
Nyawal Lia
Anthony Long
Zoe Malia
Peter Matt
Liam McNeill
Carley McQuinn
Morgan McTigue
Alethia Mello
Alysa Mello
Abby Menard
Devon Miller
Jacob Moberg
Adan Mohamed
Hawo Mohamed
Hussein Mohamed
Ibrahim Mohamed
Khadija Mohamed
Zeinab Mohamed
Geneva Morley
Matthew Morris
Thomas Morse
Muna Mukhtar
Munira Mukhtar
Keisha Mundy
Emmanuel Muya-Bila
Linda Nag
Namuhoza Namajana Francoise Namuhoranye
Duaa Naser
Christina Nelson
Alain Ngarambe
Nyador Nguany
Gabriel Nichols
Chrispo Niyokwizerwa
Yves Nzigiye
Brett O'Kelly
Raghad Oshana
Alyson Palacci
Theresa Partlow
Onen Pasqule
Samuel Perdomo
Timothy Phadungthin
James Portas
Nathaniel Porter
Sophea Prak
Barry Quinn
Angalee Reali
Isabella Rieger
Mary Roma
Patrick Rugazura
Sara Ruminski
Gentille Runyambo
Keelia Ryan
Marilyn Salazar-Colindres
Samuel Sanders
Andrew Schwartz
Samantha Shaw
Rodrigue Shimwe
Ashley Staples
Alanna Stokes
Melissa Story
Autumn Strickland
Jackson Swann
Courtney Taylor
Jessica Theav
Tenessa Thomas
Alexandra Thompson
John Toohey
Arsen Tufankjian
Alain Tuyishime
Samantha Walker
Rachel Waterhouse
Jason Webster
Lauren White
Stephen Whitney
Carter Williams
Olivia Williams
Catherine Wilson
Yeshiwas Wood