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Portland High School
284 Cumberland Ave., Portland |

Graduation day: June 6, 2013
at Merrill Audorium

Graduation information provided by the high school

    Top Ten Seniors

    Alison Noel Savage, daughter of Bruce and Anne Savage, is the Valedictorian of the Class of 2013. While at Portland High School, she was a member of the Girls Soccer Team, Math Team, Art Club, ACE Mentor Program and Great Atlantic Speedskating Club. Outside of school, Alison volunteered at Maine Medical Center and the Animal Refuge League. Her academic achievements earned her membership in the National Honor Society, recipient of the Yale University Book Award, American High School Math Exam Award, AP Scholar Award and a National Merit Scholarship semi-finalist. Alison plans to attend Wellesley College.

    Charles (“Chip”) William Weber, son of William and Ann Weber, is the Salutatorian of the Class of 2013. Chip is a member of the Student Council, Varsity Baseball Team, Varsity Soccer Team, Math Team, Photography Club, Bulldog Edition School Newspaper, Key Club and Global Studies Certificate Program. He was also elected by his peers as a Student Representative last year to the Portland School Committee. Chip is a volunteer at the Preble Street Soup Kitchen. His academic achievements earned him membership in the National Honor Society and an AP Scholar Award. He received an honorable mention on the National Spanish Exam for the last two years. Chip plans to attend Harvard College.

    Jacob Elliott Katsiaficas, son of James and Donna Katsiaficas, currently serves on the Senior Executive Board and Student Council. He is Treasurer of the Key Club and a member of the Math Team. Jacob has volunteered at various organizations throughout his high school career: at First Lutheran Day Camp, Mercy Hospital, St. Pius X Church suppers, Portland Trails, Hails and Horns Magazine, and the Maine Marathon. His academic achievements earned him membership in the National Honor Society and two National Spanish Awards. Jacob plans to attend Tufts University.

    Katherine Ruth Suslovic, daughter of Edward Suslovic and Jennifer Southard, is Co-Captain of the Debate Team, a member of Academic Decathlon, Nordic Skiing, Girls Soccer, Model UN and the Rowing Team at Waynflete. She has volunteered on political campaigns and interned with the Mayor of Portland. Katherine’s academic achievements earned her membership in the National Honor Society, High Honors throughout her high school career and a National Spanish Exam Award. Katherine plans to attend Wesleyan University.

    Casey Arlo Waldren, son of Carter Waldren and Willa Vennema, is a member of the Key Club, Big Brothers Big Sisters and volunteered for the community of Swan’s Island. His academic achievement earned him High Honors throughout his high school career and the US Airforce Math and Science Award. Casey plans to pursue a degree in computer programming while attending the University of Rochester.

    Meghan Leah Kelly, daughter of John Kelly and Catherine O’Connor, is Co-Captain of the Cross Country Team, a member of the Global Studies Certificate Program, Nordic Skiing, Co-President of the Environmental Club, Model UN, Crochet for a Cause Club and the LINK editor and writer. Her academic achievement has earned her membership in the National Honor Society, recipient of the Wellesley Book Award, Honors and High Honors throughout her high school career, and Awards on National Spanish and Latin exams and National Mythology exam. Meghan plans to attend Colby College.

    Megan Elizabeth Anderson, daughter of Malcolm and Lynee Anderson, is a member of the Indoor Track Team, Outdoor Track Team, Peer Mediation, and the Photography Club. She is a peer tutor and attended a pre-college program at the Maine College of Art, enrolling in painting class, digital design, metalsmithing and jewelry-making classes. Megan’s academic achievements earned her High Honors throughout her high school career, the Bronze Award on the National Spanish Exam, Maine College of Art Book Award and Best in State in the Verizon Innovative App Challenge group submission. Megan plans to attend Southern Maine Community College.

    Tatum Monagan Gale, son of Jon and Nori Gale, is a member of the Football Team, Jazz Band, Key Club, Student Council, Executive Board, Indoor Track and Track & Field. He also volunteers at the Preble Street Resource Center and tutored a 2nd grader at an elementary school. Tate is a member of an Independent Jazz Band and interned for Angus King’s US Senate Campaign. His academic achievements earned him membership in the National Honor Society, National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist, the Williams College Book Award and the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award. Tatum plans to attend the University of Pennsylvania.

    Abigail Edelberg Popenoe, daughter of Jerrold Edelberg and Ellen Popenoe, is a member of the Cross- Country Team, Nordic Skiing, Ultimate Frisbee, Outdoor Club and Global Studies Certificate Program. She was also a Trail Building volunteer, member of the Key Club and Lacrosse Team. Abigail does modern dance and is a member of the Nordic Skiing Regional Club Team. Her academic achievements earned her membership in the National Honor Society. Abigail plans to attend Whitman College.

    Gabriel David Doss, , son of Virginia Doss, is member of the Orchestra, Film Consideration Club and Debate Team. He was a member of the Cross-Country Team, studied the cello for several years and was a Peer Mentor. His academic achievements earned him membership in the National Honor Society, High Honors through his high school career and the Connecticut College Book Award. Gabriel plans to attend Wesleyan University.

    Scholarship Recipients

    Albing, Edward Scholarship Dinh Diep
    Allen, David W. Memorial Scholarship Adam Ryan Berg
    Anderson, Mable & Walter Memorial Scholarship Casey Arlo Waldren
    Anderson, Michael J. Memorial Scholarship Victoria Ann Webber
    Angelo, James Memorial Scholarship Tonny Kabonye
    Bennett, Mary B. Scholarship Matthew Tau Livermore
    Berkowitz, Leon Memorial Scholarship Katherine Ruth Suslovic
    Blanchard, Alanson Scholarship Abigail Wallace Cook
    Bleier, Rose Class of 1950 Scholarships Megan Elizabeth Anderson, Alyx Elizabeth Carbone, Rachel Marie Grindle, Olwyn Moxhay
    Bogh, Mary Scholarship Kristina Ashley Glanville
    Boys and Girls Clubs Alumni Scholarships Carissa Marie Porcaro, Stephen Angelo, Gabriel David Doss, Nathan Stoddard, Cosimo Donato
    Brown, James Memorial Scholarship Kelly Rose Flanagan
    Carr, Kathleen Scholarship Anna Elisabeth Fisher
    Chase, Isabella Preble Scholarship Anna Elisabeth Fisher
    Class of 1939 Scholarship Nathan Tyler Lavoie
    Class of 1943 Scholarship Sean Connor Foley
    Class of 1969 Scholarship Kellianne Dolan
    Cole, Veranus Scholarship Cody Wallace Cook
    College Club, Portland Scholarship Lucy Wise Bauer
    Connolly Family Scholarship Kowsar M. Ahmed
    Cormier, Garrett Memorial Scholarships Dalton James McIlwain
    Cushman, Rufus Cutler Class of 1865 Scholarships Alison Noel Savage, Charles William Weber
    Custis, Alice L. Scholarship Abigail Edelberg Popenoe
    Damren, Doris H. Scholarship Abigail Edelberg Popenoe
    Davis, Marcella Class of 1925 Scholarship Michaela Kristina Boissonneault
    Delogu Family Scholarship Nathaniel R. Smart
    DeVilleneuve, Benjamin Memorial Scholarship Christopher Charles Hoffman
    Drees, Maurice Scholarship Timothy Michael Rovnak
    Early College for ME Scholarships Timothy Michael Rovnak, Lillian Boyd-Mullenn, Dinh Diep, Huda Ali Hassan, Safia Ahmed Hassan, Thinavysen Thach, Zach Smith
    Ebrel, Dr. Carl Scholarship Gabriel David Doss
    Elowitch, Abraham Scholarships Quinn Yun Yi Lavigne
    Elowitch, Yudy Scholarship Katherine Ruth Suslovic
    Finard Properties Scholarship Daniella Apon
    Finn, Ruth H. Family Scholarship Ashley Marie Frank
    Fitzpatrick, James J. Scholarship Joseph Tyler Nielsen
    Flagg, Susanne M.M. Grant Scholarship Valerie Floyd
    Foley, Isabella Memorial Scholarship Peter Donato
    Foley, Virginia M. Scholarship Isabel Walter
    Gerber Family Scholarships Maria Mirijanyan
    Gorham Savings Scholarship Michael Robert Curran
    Green Memorial Scholarship Camille Marie Hanley
    Gribbin, Peter Scholarships Hunter Nicholas John Joyce, Huda Ali Hassan
    Harbor Lights Foundation Scholarship Amanda Marie Rwirangira, Faiza Hussein Ali
    Hutchinson, Muriel A. Scholarship Gabriela T. Cardona
    Johnson, James and Jeannine Memorial Scholarship Nicole Elizabeth Rogers
    Johnson, Theodore Scholarship Sandra Leigh Gilson
    Johnson, Theodore Scholarship Megan Nadeau
    Jones, Ray Memorial Scholarship Leanne Elizabeth Reichert
    King, Helen Memorial Scholarship Lucienne Marie Veilleux
    Kochian-Parseghian, Family Scholarships Fund Adelia Diane Camden, Kelliane Dolan, Kelly Rose Flanagan, Sean Connor Foley, Drew A. Graham, August Stephen Halm-Perazone, Malcolm Arthur Henry, Ikram A. Ibrahim, Nathan Tyler Lavoie, Sydney Lyn Levesque, Jake Elwood Lichter, Eva Behan Light, Alicia Kim Loeurm, Kendra Anne Madore, Alias Nasrat, Felix Dugan Pieske, Debra, Lizbeth Polanco, Abigail Edelberg Popenoe, Patrick Samuel Robinson, Elin Daphne Mixon Roland, Rebecca Finn Ruesch, Brandon Timothy Smart, Stephen Teng, Cassandra Leigh Thurston, Krissia Margarita Umanzor-Romero
    Krekorian, Gary P. Memorial Scholarship Stephen Angelo
    Lano, "Handy Andy" Andrew Memorial Scholarship Nicholas Volger
    Leahy, Mary Memorial Scholarship Nathan Christopher Rand
    Lee, John "Red" Memorial Scholarship Lily Cecelia Bruenjes
    Lee, Richard E. Memorial Scholarship Michael Girard Proia
    LeGage, David N. Memorial Scholarship Nicole Elizabeth Rogers
    Levey, Abraham S. and Fannie B. Scholarship Alison Noel Savage
    Lincoln Middle School Scholarship Felix Dugan Pieske
    Loomis, Charles and Marjorie Scholarship Mackenzie Elizabeth Marles
    Lowe, Arthur W. Scholarship Nathan Tyler Lavoie
    Mahoney, Ellen Cavanagh Scholarship Angalee Ella Katherine Purington
    Mathews, Captain and Mrs. Richard Scholarship Alison Noel Savage
    Mavadones, Michael N. Memorial Kellianne Dolan
    McAnany, Timothy C. Scholarship Debra Lizbeth Polanco
    McGarvey, Richard Scholarship Timothy Michael Rovnak
    McGrath, Jean Memorial Scholarship Kyle Michael Reichert
    McMillan, Cathy Memorial Scholarship Nicholas Volger
    Mitchell, Senator George Scholarship Alias Nasrat
    Moore, Lyman Middle School Scholarships Nicole Elizabeth Rogers, Leanne Elizabeth Reichert, Ashley Marie Frank, Charles William Weber, Kyle Michael Reichert, Liam Joseph Brochu
    Moran, Lynn Memorial Scholarship Faiza Hussein Ali, Tonny Kabonye
    Pooler, Janna Memorial Scholarship Joshua Thane Hoyt, Raithmany Sok
    Portland Administrators Association Scholarship Nicole Elizabeth Rogers
    Portland Athletic League Scholarship Nathaniel R. Smart
    Portland Education Association Scholarships Hannah Dorothy Carlson, Meghan Leah Kelly
    Portland Music Booster Scholarship Cody Wallace Cook
    PHS Athletic Alumni Club Scholarship Robert L. Parent III
    PHS Boys Baseball Boosters Scholarship Kyle Michael Reichert
    PHS Boys Basketball Boosters Scholarships Stephen Angelo, Ella Katherine Purington
    PHS Boosters Cheering Scholarship Kendra Anne Madore
    PHS Boosters Cross Country Scholarship Elin Daphne Mixon Roland
    PHS Boosters Field Hockey Scholarship Carissa Marie Porcaro
    PHS Boosters Football Scholarship Verny A. Gayle
    PHS Boosters Golf Scholarship Adam Ryan Berg
    PHS Boosters Hockey Scholarships Drew Kelly Barry, Jonathan D. Gatti
    PHS Boosters Indoor Track Scholarships Amanda Marie Rwirangira, Drew A. Graham
    PHS Boosters Lacrosse Scholarship Liam Joseph Brochu, Quinn Yun Yi Lavigne
    PHS Boosters Outdoor Track Scholarship Robert L. Parent III, Megan Elizabeth Anderson
    PHS Boosters Sailing Scholarship Patrick Samuel Robinson
    PHS Boosters Skiing Scholarship Abigail Edelberg Popenoe
    PHS Boosters Soccer Scholarship Timothy Michael Rovnak, Ashley Marie Frank
    PHS Boosters Softball Scholarship Sydney Lyn Levesque
    PHS Boosters Swimming Scholarship Lucienne Marie Veilleux
    PHS Boosters Tennis Scholarship Lily Cecelia Bruenjes
    PHS Boosters Wrestling Scholarship Malcolm Arthur Henry
    PHS Cluster V Scholarships Adam John Lamontagne, Megan Elizabeth Anderson, Monday Logugune, Megan Woodbridge Hudson, Daniella Apon, Abigail Wallace Cook, Tatyana Marie Tracy, Jennifer Achen Charles, Steven James Tibbetts, Megan Nadeau, Trianna Amy Rom
    PHS Ice Hockey Booster Scholarships Leanne Elizabeth Reichert, Drew Kelly Barry, Jonathan D. Gatti, Andrew Ahonen
    PHS Student Council Scholarships Michael Robert Curran
    Portland High School Basketball Scholarship Cosimo Donato
    Portland Pottery Scholarship Olwyn Moxhay
    Portland Youth Football League Scholarship Nicholas Volger
    Powell, Timothy Memorial Scholarship Drew Kelly Barry
    Pringle, Harry R. Service and Leadership Award Charles William Weber
    Quinn, John P. and Winifred A. Memorial Scholarship Faiza Hussein Ali
    Rand, Ted and Audrey Memorial Scholarship Hannah Dorothy Carlson
    Reiche, Laura K. and Howard C. Memorial Scholarship Alyx Elizabeth Carbone
    Reny Charitable Scholarships Michee Nkomezi Runyambo, Evan Thomas Caliendo, Marcus James Caliendo
    Rosenthal, Maurice & Doris Memorial Scholarship Jacob Elliott Katsiaficas
    Serunian, Arthur Jr. Memorial Scholarships Katherine Ruth Suslovic, Charles William Weber
    Shatz, Fannie and Sarah Memorial Scholarship Olivia Catherine Warner
    Silver, Hyman and Sidney Memorial Scholarship Tatum Monagan Gale
    Silverman, David K. Scholarships Meghan Leah Kelly, Gabriel David Doss
    Soule, Clara by Samuel Weisman Scholarship Faiza Hussein Ali
    Soule, Clara Watch Faiza Hussein Ali
    Talbot, Franklin Scholarship Abigail Wallace Cook
    Tevanian, Casper Memorial Scholarship Maria Mirijanyan
    Thorne, Janet Burke Scholarship Meghan Leah Kelly
    Trefethen, Evergreen Improvement Association Hannah Dorothy Carlson
    Tyler Grandmaison MELMAC Scholarship Ji Won Song
    Unity Lodge #3 Scholarship Edward Rodney Hamilton
    Volger, Ted Memorial Scholarships Adam Ryan Berg, Michael Anthony Scala, Nathaniel R. Smart, Nicholas Volger
    Walch, J. Weston Scholarship Megan Woodbridge Hudson
    Whittier Award, Altrusa Club of Portland's Alice Anna Elisabeth Fisher

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2013 Graduates

Hiba Abd
Bianca Abdalla
Farhiyo Abdi
Ifrah Abdi
Nimo Abdirahman
Ahmed Abdulle
Kowsar Ahmed
Mohamud Ahmed
Andrew Ahonen
Amira Al Sammrai
Nour Al Sammrai
Ali Aljubyly
Faiza Ali
Suzan Ali
Sunday Alok
Megan Anderson
Stephen Angelo
Daniella Apon
Drew Barry
Lucy Bauer
Adam Berg
Victoria Blanchard
Michaela Boissonneault
Sean Bouchard
Lillian Boyd-Mullen
Sarah Bresette
Liam Brochu
Lily Bruenjes
Evan Caliendo
Marcus Caliendo
Adelia Camden
Alyx Carbone
Gabriela Cardona
Hannah Carlson
Jennifer Charles
Sunday Charles
Abigail Cook
Cody Cook
Michael Curran
Kristina Dang
Maha Dawood
George Dennis
Dinh Diep
Kellianne Dolan
Cosimo Donato
Gabriel Doss
Kaila Fagan
Anna Fisher
Halle Fix
Kelly Flanagan
Sean Foley
Edward Fowler
Ashley Frank
Caleb Fraser
Tatum Gale
Jonathan Gatti
Verny Gayle
Sandra Gilson
Kristina Glanville
Drew Graham
Zamara Grant
Rachel Grindle
Rhomel Guardado
August Halm-Perazone
Edward Hamilton
Camille Hanley
Huda Hassan
Safia Hassan
Zakaria Hassan
Malcolm Henry
Christopher Hoffman
Joshua Hoyt
Megan Hudson
Ikram Ibrahim
Simane Ibrahim
Joe Ininahazwe
Afrah Issack
Nicholas Joyce
Tonny Kabonye
Jacob Katsiaficas
Michael Keane
Meghan Kelly
Boutavee Kim
Kalli Kirkpatrick
Adam Lamontagne
Anthony Lane
Joshua Larrivee
Quinn Lavigne
Nathan Lavoie
Sydney Levesque
Eric Lewis
Jake Lichter
Eva Light
Alicia Loeurm
Monday Logugune
Kendra Madore
Ahmed Mahdi
Ghafran Mahdi
Casey Mahoney
Bellmyche Mahoungou
Dalea Malual
Mackenzie Marles
Dalton McIlwain
Maria Mirijanyan
Abdirahman Mohamed
Olwyn Moxhay
Matthew Murphy
Mashale Nabi
Megan Nadeau
Alias Nasrat
Floris Ndisanze
Joseph Nielsen
Horry Nkeshimana
Anab Noor
Alfred Odong
Joice Okot
Larry Pang
Robert Parent
Max Pierter
Felix Pieske
Debra Polanco
Abigail Popenoe
Carissa Porcaro
Michael Proia
Ella Purington
Jameson Putnam
Keishla Quiles
Nathan Rand
Kyle Reichert
Leanne Reichert
Raoul Remesha
Kyra Rickett
Daniel Roberts
Patrick Robinson
Payson Robinson
Nicole Rogers
Elin Roland
Trianna Roma
Timothy Rovnak
Rebecca Ruesch
Michee Runyambo
Amanda Rwirangira
Sophie Salomon
Alison Savage
Katlyn Savasuk
Michael Scala
Brandon Smart
Nathaniel Smart
Stacey Smith
Zach Smith
Darro So
Raithmany Sok
Ji Song
Emily St. Pierre
Renee Stait
Nathan Stoddard
Tyler Strauss
Katherine Suslovic
Stephen Teng
Thinavysen Thach
Sara Thai
Taylor Theriault
Cassandra Thurston
Steven Tibbetts
Melvin Torres-Chevez
Allen Toun
Tatyana Tracy
Anthony Tran
Maradi Tray
Krissia Umanzor-Romero
Lucienne Veilleux
Chandler Villetta
Nicholas Volger
Julia Wakati
Casey Waldren
Isabel Walter
Olivia Warner
Justina Warren
Victoria Webber
Charles Weber
Travis Wheeler
Steven Wong
Steven Zhao