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Royal Academy
15 Shaker Road, Gray |

Graduation day: June 7, 2013
at First Parish Congregational Church, Yarmouth
Graduation information provided by the high school

    Graduation 2013

    Twenty students graduated from Royal Academy of Gray on June 7th in an evening ceremony at First Parish Congregational Church in Yarmouth. Lindsay Bickford and Kayla Grant led fellow seniors in the presentation of roses to the parents, Jordan Burns gave the invocation, and Gabrielle Conners and Mary Ellen Pierce-Nason read Old and New Testament passages. Justin Gillman spoke on the topic Looking to the Future. Kayla Grant led the students in the changing of the tassel and Nathaniel Varney gave the closing prayer. Royal Academy Executive Director Penellope Cote and Director Shirley Minster presented remarks to the students and guests. Mrs. Minster also presented the formal graduation charge to the students. As is the custom at graduation, teachers Mrs. Sally Szostak, Mrs. Cote, and Mrs. Minster spoke personally about each student in her group. Then the parents of each student were called to the front to present the diploma to their daughter or son, signifying the important role of parents in the educational program of their children.

    President's Award for Educational Excellence

    Jordan Burns
    Gabrielle Conners
    Justin Gillman
    Jonathan Moore
    Thomas Moore II
    Mary Ellen Pierce-Nason
    Ian Munsell
    Svava Richardson
    Savannah Schulz
    Nathanael Varney

    President's Award for Educational Achievement
    Samantha Feltovic
    John Glover
    Kayla Grant

    Jordan Burns: Provost’s Scholar Award, Cedarville University, Maine State Troopers
    Association Scholarship, Maine State Credit Union
    Justin Gillman: Black Belt, Mixed Martial Arts/Black Belt, Taekwondo

    College/Military Acceptances and Field of Study
    Jordan Burns: Cedarville University, Honors Program, Mechanical Engineering
    Gabrielle Conners: Liberty University, Forensics
    Ian Munsell: Central Maine Medical Center, Precision Machine Technology
    Mary Ellen Pierce-Nason: Penn Foster College, Veterinary Technician

    Business/Entrepreneurial Pursuits/Future Plans:
    Kevin Brewer: Auto Parts Store Fulltime
    Courtney Doudey: Nursing
    Samantha Feltovic: Emergency Medical Technician
    Sarah Fossett: Medical Pursuit
    Justin Gillman: Emergency Medical Technician
    John Glover: Work Fulltime
    Kayla Grant: Christian Children’s Ministry and Music Performance
    Sarah Lynch: Justice Studies
    Jonathan Moore: Veterinary Science
    Thomas Moore II: New Media
    Svava Richardson: Farming
    Savannah Schulz (Jude Drakeford): Music Performance
    Michael Sigler: Construction

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2013 graduates

Alfred: Jonathan Moore, Thomas Moore II
Bridgton: Kayla Grant
Bristol: Michael Sigler
Corinth: Gabrielle Conners
Dixfield: John Glover
Kennebunk: Mary Ellen Pierce-Nason
Lisbon: Caleb Perron
Mechanic Falls: Ian Munsell
Oxford: Courtney Doudey
Poland: Sarah Fossett
Raymond: Samantha Feltovic
Sidney: Jordan Burns
Standish Lindsey Bickford
Waldoboro: Sarah Lynch
Warren: Justin Gillman
Wiscasset: Kevin Brewer
New Hampshire: Svava Richardson
Pennsylvania: Nathanael Varney
Virginia: Savannah Schulz