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Maine's 2013-2014 test scores

The Maine Department of Education released scores for the SAT test taken by high school juniors each spring in reading, writing and math. The science test is a state-developed test, and not part of the SAT. While the SAT uses an 800-point scale, the state translates the raw SAT numbers into its own separate 1100-1180 scale that it uses to compare achievement levels on several different standardized tests.

2014 Reading Test Results

Reading proficiency scores dropped to 47.6 percent from 48.6 percent last year. See 2013 Reading Test Scores

School NameAverage Scale ScoreDoes Not Meet StandardMeets StandardExceeds Standard
ME Sch of Science & Mathematics1,163.0**31.164.4
Baxter Academy for Tech & Sciences1,157.0-****
Cape Elizabeth High School1,155.0**54.233.6
Falmouth High School1,155.0**49.135.3
John Bapst Memorial High School1,155.0-54.529.9
Yarmouth High School1,152.0**45.527.7
Greely High School1,151.06.357.519.4
George Stevens Academy1,149.0**41.425.7
Mt Desert Island High School1,148.011.947.716.5
Casco Bay High School1,148.015.744.321.4
Marshwood High School1,148.09.953.616.1
York High School1,148.06.557.811.7
Scarborough High School1,
Camden Hills Regional H S1,146.016.742.016.0
Orono High School1,146.019.341.015.7
Bangor High School1,145.017.444.914.6
Blue Hill Harbor School1,145.0******
Easton Junior-Senior High Sch1,145.0**53.6**
Fryeburg Academy1,145.019.336.120.5
Islesboro Central School1,145.0******
Freeport High School1,145.015.737.419.1
Kennebunk High School1,145.017.744.615.4
Brunswick High School1,144.017.842.113.6
Gorham High School1,
Lincoln Academy1,144.019.835.413.5
Morse High School1,144.017.537.113.3
Hampden Academy1,
Houlton High School1,**
Wells High School1,144.010.544.812.4
Brewer High School1,
Robert W Traip Academy1,143.0**54.5**
Hall-Dale High School1,143.022.545.1**
Gray-New Gloucester High School1,**
Old Orchard Beach High School1,143.0**43.1**
Winthrop High School1,143.022.436.7**
Erskine Academy1,142.019.444.28.5
Maine Central Institute1,142.018.342.3**
Monmouth Academy1,142.024.541.5**
North Haven Community School1,142.0-**-
Windham High School1,142.019.847.45.2
Katahdin Middle/High School1,142.0**41.7**
Noble High School1,
Mt Ararat High School1,142.022.339.914.0
Rangeley Lakes Regional School1,142.0******
Upper Kennebec Valley Senior HS1,142.0****-
South Portland High School1,142.020.643.65.9
Waterville Senior High School1,
Foxcroft Academy1,**
Wiscasset High School1,141.0**44.2**
Ellsworth High School1,141.021.844.5**
Washburn District High School1,141.0**53.8-
SAD 70 Hodgdon High School1,141.0**58.8-
Presque Isle High School1,141.019.743.2**
Boothbay Region High School1,140.024.437.8**
Hermon High School1,140.016.441.4**
Gardiner Area High School1,140.024.836.28.5
Oceanside High School East1,
Penobscot Valley High School1,140.0**37.8**
Telstar High School1,140.026.823.2**
Thornton Academy1,
Jonesport-Beals High School1,139.0******
Dexter Regional High School1,139.025.333.3**
Portland High School1,
Vinalhaven School1,139.0****-
Mt Blue High School1,139.029.937.96.9
Buckfield Jr-Sr High School1,139.0**38.7**
Poland Regional H S1,139.028.535.8**
Messalonskee High School1,139.031.536.05.6
Belfast Area High School1,139.029.345.7-
Searsport District High School1,139.0**38.1**
Sumner Memorial High School1,139.031.429.4**
Maranacook Community High Sch1,139.028.733.3**
Caribou High School1,139.026.543.1**
Lake Region High School1,139.021.636.8**
Mattanawcook Academy1,139.026.935.9**
Spruce Mountain High School1,139.025.440.5**
Washington Academy1,139.028.939.5**
Winslow High School1,**
Lisbon High School1,**
Madawaska Middle/High School1,138.0**41.0**
Bonny Eagle High School1,138.026.631.95.7
Dirigo High School1,138.028.631.7**
Nokomis Regional High School1,**
Medomak Valley High School1,138.029.735.1**
Lawrence High School1,**
Leavitt Area High School1,138.025.533.8**
Massabesic High School1,
Central High School1,138.037.736.4**
Forest Hills Consolidated School1,138.0****-
Sanford High School1,
Edward Little High School1,137.033.928.46.0
Biddeford High School1,137.029.832.7**
Machias Memorial High School1,137.0****-
Fort Kent Community High School1,137.034.423.4**
Deering High School1,
Oxford Hills Comprehensive H S1,137.026.933.2**
Old Town High School1,137.028.830.8**
Mt Abram Regional High School1,137.034.530.9**
Fort Fairfield Middle/High School1,137.029.429.4-
Westbrook High School1,137.027.638.6**
Woodland Jr-Sr High School1,136.040.526.2**
Deer Isle-Stonington High Sch1,136.0****-
Greenville Consolidated School1,136.043.5****
Lewiston High School1,
Richmond High School1,136.030.333.3-
Oak Hill High School1,136.034.427.1**
Narraguagus High School1,136.027.930.2**
Penquis Valley High School1,136.0**26.3**
Skowhegan Area High School1,136.035.327.66.5
Sacopee Valley High Sch1,136.033.729.1**
Madison Area Memorial H S1,136.029.339.7**
Carrabec High School1,136.030.8****
Van Buren District Secondary Sch1,136.0****-
Calais Middle/High School1,**
Schenck High School1,135.043.831.3**
Mt View High School1,135.038.924.8**
Mountain Valley High School1,**
Ashland District School1,135.0******
Wisdom Middle High School1,135.0****-
So Aroostook School1,135.041.9****
Lee Academy1,134.041.5****
Maine Academy of Natural Sciences1,134.0******
Stearns Jr-Sr High School1,133.045.626.3**
Limestone Community School1,133.0******
Central Aroostook Jr-Sr H S1,133.035.3**-
Bucksport High School1,
Piscataquis Community Secondary Sch1,**
East Grand School1,130.0****-
Arthur R. Gould Sch--LCYDC1,128.0**--
Shead High School1,126.063.6**-

2014 Writing Test Results

Writing proficiency was 45.2 percent, up from 43.3 percent last year. See 2013 Writing Test Scores

School NameAverage Scale ScoreDoes Not Meet StandardMeets StandardExceeds Standard
ME Sch of Science & Mathematics1,157.0**55.640.0
Cape Elizabeth High School1,156.0**54.235.9
Falmouth High School1,154.0**54.527.5
John Bapst Memorial High School1,154.0-68.822.1
Yarmouth High School1,152.0**46.431.3
Baxter Academy for Tech & Sciences1,151.0-****
Greely High School1,149.0**58.817.5
George Stevens Academy1,147.0**45.715.7
Marshwood High School1,147.06.862.08.9
York High School1,147.0**56.59.7
Casco Bay High School1,146.015.747.115.7
Scarborough High School1,
Islesboro Central School1,145.0******
Mt Desert Island High School1,145.011.951.412.8
Camden Hills Regional H S1,144.016.649.711.3
Lincoln Academy1,144.011.545.811.5
Freeport High School1,144.017.447.810.4
Kennebunk High School1,144.013.750.38.6
Bangor High School1,143.015.745.411.2
Gorham High School1,143.012.848.36.7
Robert W Traip Academy1,143.0**48.2**
Hampden Academy1,143.018.444.89.8
Orono High School1,143.018.339.013.4
Brunswick High School1,142.019.543.310.2
Easton Junior-Senior High Sch1,142.0**46.4**
Fryeburg Academy1,142.020.534.9**
Monmouth Academy1,142.0**43.4**
Old Orchard Beach High School1,142.0**47.1**
Noble High School1,
Wells High School1,142.09.543.8**
Erskine Academy1,141.016.348.8**
Maine Central Institute1,141.016.939.4**
Morse High School1,
Oceanside High School East1,141.018.946.66.8
Caribou High School1,141.018.844.6**
Mt Ararat High School1,141.015.642.76.3
Rangeley Lakes Regional School1,141.0****-
South Portland High School1,
Waterville Senior High School1,141.023.538.78.4
Blue Hill Harbor School1,140.0******
Boothbay Region High School1,140.0**42.2-
Brewer High School1,140.019.440.6**
Jonesport-Beals High School1,140.0****-
Hall-Dale High School1,140.016.942.3**
Gardiner Area High School1,140.019.944.7**
Gray-New Gloucester High School1,140.015.440.2**
Houlton High School1,**
Washburn District High School1,140.0**46.2-
Katahdin Middle/High School1,140.0**50.0**
Foxcroft Academy1,139.022.342.6**
Hermon High School1,**
Portland High School1,139.025.833.810.6
Bonny Eagle High School1,**
North Haven Community School1,139.0---
Buckfield Jr-Sr High School1,139.0**41.9-
Windham High School1,
Narraguagus High School1,139.0**46.5**
SAD 70 Hodgdon High School1,139.0**38.2**
Spruce Mountain High School1,139.012.742.1**
Presque Isle High School1,139.017.437.9**
Upper Kennebec Valley Senior HS1,139.0****-
Thornton Academy1,139.021.837.95.3
Winthrop High School1,139.022.442.9**
Vinalhaven School1,138.0****-
Dirigo High School1,138.0**37.5-
Poland Regional H S1,138.018.737.4**
Messalonskee High School1,**
Searsport District High School1,138.0**31.7**
Ellsworth High School1,138.023.542.9**
Penobscot Valley High School1,138.0**27.0**
Maranacook Community High Sch1,138.028.735.6**
Telstar High School1,**
Lawrence High School1,138.019.936.5**
Mattanawcook Academy1,138.026.943.6-
Washington Academy1,
Winslow High School1,138.028.327.4**
Biddeford High School1,**
Schenck High School1,137.0**31.3**
Fort Kent Community High School1,137.029.725.0**
Dexter Regional High School1,137.025.333.3**
Deering High School1,**
Wiscasset High School1,137.023.327.9**
Nokomis Regional High School1,137.025.831.1**
Wisdom Middle High School1,137.0****-
Massabesic High School1,137.020.837.7**
Mt Abram Regional High School1,137.030.938.2-
Madison Area Memorial H S1,
Lake Region High School1,**
Central High School1,137.024.728.6**
Van Buren District Secondary Sch1,137.0****-
Edward Little High School1,136.032.629.4**
Greenville Consolidated School1,136.0******
Lisbon High School1,136.025.631.7**
Madawaska Middle/High School1,136.0**35.9**
Mt Blue High School1,136.033.328.7**
Oxford Hills Comprehensive H S1,**
Belfast Area High School1,**
Sumner Memorial High School1,136.025.527.5**
Old Town High School1,136.026.930.8**
Medomak Valley High School1,136.029.736.9**
Leavitt Area High School1,**
Skowhegan Area High School1,136.030.830.8**
Carrabec High School1,136.033.3****
Fort Fairfield Middle/High School1,136.032.4****
Sanford High School1,136.031.528.2**
Westbrook High School1,**
Lewiston High School1,135.031.430.7**
Oak Hill High School1,**
Ashland District School1,135.0**35.7-
Central Aroostook Jr-Sr H S1,135.0****-
So Aroostook School1,135.0****-
Forest Hills Consolidated School1,135.0****-
Woodland Jr-Sr High School1,134.038.1****
Calais Middle/High School1,134.037.323.5**
Deer Isle-Stonington High Sch1,134.041.7**-
Richmond High School1,134.0**30.3-
Penquis Valley High School1,134.026.3**-
Sacopee Valley High Sch1,
Lee Academy1,
Machias Memorial High School1,133.0****-
Stearns Jr-Sr High School1,133.034.521.8-
Mt View High School1,133.038.928.3**
Mountain Valley High School1,133.036.634.1-
Bucksport High School1,133.037.720.8**
Piscataquis Community Secondary Sch1,**
Arthur R. Gould Sch--LCYDC1,131.0**--
Maine Academy of Natural Sciences1,131.0****-
East Grand School1,131.0****-
Shead High School1,127.063.6**-
Limestone Community School1,127.061.1**-

2014 Science Test Results

Science proficiency was 43.8 percent, up from 41 percent last year. See 2013 Science Test Scores

School NameAverage Scale ScoreDoes Not Meet StandardMeets StandardExceeds Standard
ME Sch of Science & Mathematics1,159.0-54.540.9
Falmouth High School1,151.0**59.617.5
John Bapst Memorial High School1,151.0**65.814.5
Cape Elizabeth High School1,150.0**59.215.4
Baxter Academy for Tech & Sciences1,149.0******
Greely High School1,147.011.761.111.1
Scarborough High School1,147.014.962.66.4
Yarmouth High School1,147.011.962.4**
Casco Bay High School1,146.018.354.9**
Hampden Academy1,146.017.946.911.1
Orono High School1,146.019.348.2**
Marshwood High School1,146.018.448.410.5
Easton Junior-Senior High Sch1,145.0**67.9**
George Stevens Academy1,145.019.458.2**
Mt Desert Island High School1,145.016.847.88.8
Old Orchard Beach High School1,145.0**43.1**
York High School1,145.014.654.1**
Bangor High School1,144.023.947.87.6
Lincoln Academy1,144.020.836.510.4
Freeport High School1,144.019.756.4**
Narraguagus High School1,144.023.351.2**
Mattanawcook Academy1,**
Mt Ararat High School1,144.022.452.0**
Waterville Senior High School1,144.025.454.1**
Brewer High School1,
Brunswick High School1,143.026.344.76.5
Erskine Academy1,143.021.750.4**
Camden Hills Regional H S1,143.026.847.0**
Gorham High School1,143.022.752.5**
Monmouth Academy1,143.018.947.2**
Kennebunk High School1,**
Fort Fairfield Middle/High School1,143.0**51.4**
Wells High School1,**
Winthrop High School1,143.020.444.9**
Fryeburg Academy1,142.020.540.9**
Robert W Traip Academy1,**
Madawaska Middle/High School1,142.0**43.6**
Jonesport-Beals High School1,142.0****-
Morse High School1,142.023.635.7**
Gray-New Gloucester High School1,142.021.644.8**
Searsport District High School1,142.0**38.5**
Wisdom Middle High School1,142.0**59.1-
Telstar High School1,142.026.328.1**
Upper Kennebec Valley Senior HS1,142.0****-
South Portland High School1,142.028.649.8**
Boothbay Region High School1,141.035.644.4**
Foxcroft Academy1,**
Maine Central Institute1,141.016.740.3**
Hall-Dale High School1,**
North Haven Community School1,141.0-**-
Windham High School1,141.030.438.14.9
Ellsworth High School1,**
Houlton High School1,
Penobscot Valley High School1,141.0**40.5**
Massabesic High School1,141.030.342.0**
Noble High School1,141.023.343.1**
Central High School1,**
Spruce Mountain High School1,141.026.437.6**
Carrabec High School1,141.028.9****
Presque Isle High School1,141.027.542.0**
Winslow High School1,141.028.635.2**
Hermon High School1,**
Dexter Regional High School1,140.031.944.4**
Dirigo High School1,140.036.938.5**
Gardiner Area High School1,140.031.335.4**
Oceanside High School East1,140.028.831.4**
Nokomis Regional High School1,140.030.342.8**
Old Town High School1,140.030.532.4**
Maranacook Community High Sch1,**
Caribou High School1,140.032.736.6**
Washburn District High School1,140.0**38.5-
Madison Area Memorial H S1,140.032.841.4-
SAD 70 Hodgdon High School1,140.0**40.0**
Washington Academy1,
Biddeford High School1,139.036.634.3**
Greenville Consolidated School1,139.043.5****
Lisbon High School1,139.032.931.7**
Bonny Eagle High School1,**
Mt Blue High School1,**
Mountain Valley High School1,139.030.932.1**
Poland Regional H S1,139.028.330.0**
Messalonskee High School1,139.033.331.6**
Belfast Area High School1,**
Ashland District School1,139.0****-
Lawrence High School1,139.037.734.6**
Katahdin Middle/High School1,
Skowhegan Area High School1,139.029.935.3**
Sacopee Valley High Sch1,139.036.933.3**
Mt Abram Regional High School1,139.034.532.7**
Sanford High School1,139.036.432.0**
Thornton Academy1,139.033.538.2**
Westbrook High School1,139.028.536.5**
Edward Little High School1,138.035.328.1**
Woodland Jr-Sr High School1,138.040.531.0**
Blue Hill Harbor School1,138.0****-
Deer Isle-Stonington High Sch1,138.0****-
Lewiston High School1,138.042.332.7**
Fort Kent Community High School1,
Portland High School1,**
Oak Hill High School1,138.038.526.0-
Vinalhaven School1,138.0****-
Buckfield Jr-Sr High School1,138.039.4****
Wiscasset High School1,138.035.735.7**
Oxford Hills Comprehensive H S1,138.036.629.6-
Sumner Memorial High School1,138.045.328.3**
Medomak Valley High School1,138.038.327.8**
Penquis Valley High School1,138.043.633.3**
Leavitt Area High School1,138.036.632.4**
Lake Region High School1,
Rangeley Lakes Regional School1,138.0****-
Schenck High School1,137.043.8**-
Machias Memorial High School1,137.0****-
Stearns Jr-Sr High School1,137.047.329.1-
Bucksport High School1,**
Central Aroostook Jr-Sr H S1,137.037.1**-
So Aroostook School1,137.033.3**-
Van Buren District Secondary Sch1,137.0****-
Calais Middle/High School1,
Lee Academy1,136.050.0**-
Deering High School1,**
Richmond High School1,136.044.1**-
East Grand School1,136.0****-
Mt View High School1,135.050.921.6**
Limestone Community School1,134.057.9**-
Piscataquis Community Secondary Sch1,134.055.716.4-
Forest Hills Consolidated School1,134.0****-
Shead High School1,132.085.0**-
Maine Academy of Natural Sciences1,132.063.2**-
SAD #53 Alternative Education1,132.0**--
Arthur R. Gould Sch--LCYDC1,130.0**--
Mountain View Youth Dev Ctr1,126.0**--

2014 Math Test Results

Math proficiency was 48.5 percent, up from 47.7 last year. See 2013 Math Test Scores

School NameAverage Scale ScoreDoes Not Meet StandardMeets StandardExceeds Standard
ME Sch of Science & Mathematics1,167.0-22.277.8
Baxter Academy for Tech & Sciences1,155.0-****
Cape Elizabeth High School1,154.0**63.424.4
John Bapst Memorial High School1,154.0-76.616.9
Falmouth High School1,153.0**71.316.2
Yarmouth High School1,151.0**66.113.4
Greely High School1,150.06.965.011.3
Marshwood High School1,149.08.968.29.9
York High School1,149.06.566.211.0
Easton Junior-Senior High Sch1,147.0**46.4**
Scarborough High School1,147.013.562.96.3
Wells High School1,147.012.452.411.4
Mt Desert Island High School1,146.012.849.510.1
Bangor High School1,145.017.349.29.3
George Stevens Academy1,145.014.357.1**
Gorham High School1,
Lincoln Academy1,145.015.657.3**
Kennebunk High School1,145.015.456.66.3
Erskine Academy1,144.012.451.2**
Camden Hills Regional H S1,
Freeport High School1,144.014.859.1**
Hampden Academy1,144.014.851.2**
Orono High School1,144.022.950.6**
Noble High School1,**
Brewer High School1,143.016.547.06.1
Brunswick High School1,143.022.846.05.6
Fryeburg Academy1,143.026.545.8**
Robert W Traip Academy1,143.0**57.1-
Casco Bay High School1,143.022.955.7**
Oceanside High School East1,143.019.750.3**
Windham High School1,143.017.546.6**
Old Orchard Beach High School1,143.0**47.1**
Ellsworth High School1,143.018.551.3**
Houlton High School1,**
Caribou High School1,143.020.652.0**
Katahdin Middle/High School1,143.0**50.0-
Mt Ararat High School1,143.021.448.4**
Presque Isle High School1,**
South Portland High School1,143.023.545.16.9
Boothbay Region High School1,142.024.433.3**
Hermon High School1,142.015.548.3**
Islesboro Central School1,142.0****-
Morse High School1,**
Monmouth Academy1,142.022.637.7**
Gray-New Gloucester High School1,142.015.447.0**
Washburn District High School1,142.0**46.2-
Mattanawcook Academy1,142.019.542.9**
Forest Hills Consolidated School1,142.0******
Winthrop High School1,142.024.542.9**
Lisbon High School1,141.020.742.7**
Maine Central Institute1,141.022.945.7**
Jonesport-Beals High School1,141.0****-
Hall-Dale High School1,141.032.438.0**
Buckfield Jr-Sr High School1,141.0**41.9**
Dirigo High School1,141.027.746.2**
Gardiner Area High School1,**
Wiscasset High School1,141.023.341.9**
Poland Regional H S1,141.020.343.1**
Messalonskee High School1,141.024.942.9**
Searsport District High School1,**
Leavitt Area High School1,141.022.851.0**
Mt Abram Regional High School1,141.023.645.5**
SAD 70 Hodgdon High School1,141.0**41.2-
Spruce Mountain High School1,**
Carrabec High School1,141.0**30.8**
East Grand School1,141.0******
Fort Fairfield Middle/High School1,141.0**38.2**
Waterville Senior High School1,141.027.744.5**
Winslow High School1,141.023.838.1**
Deer Isle-Stonington High Sch1,140.0******
Foxcroft Academy1,140.026.646.8**
Fort Kent Community High School1,**
Dexter Regional High School1,140.018.746.7-
Bonny Eagle High School1,**
Nokomis Regional High School1,140.026.540.4**
Sumner Memorial High School1,140.023.541.2**
Wisdom Middle High School1,140.0**50.0-
Old Town High School1,**
Maranacook Community High Sch1,140.027.633.3**
Telstar High School1,140.030.432.1**
Lawrence High School1,140.026.936.5**
Massabesic High School1,140.023.741.5**
Central High School1,140.028.639.0**
Rangeley Lakes Regional School1,140.0****-
Van Buren District Secondary Sch1,140.0**52.4-
Thornton Academy1,140.025.940.6**
Westbrook High School1,140.027.637.9**
Edward Little High School1,139.030.740.8**
Biddeford High School1,**
Greenville Consolidated School1,139.0****-
Madawaska Middle/High School1,139.0**35.9-
Stearns Jr-Sr High School1,**
Portland High School1,**
Mt Blue High School1,139.028.735.1**
Oxford Hills Comprehensive H S1,139.023.939.5**
Ashland District School1,139.0******
Skowhegan Area High School1,**
Sacopee Valley High Sch1,139.031.841.2**
Upper Kennebec Valley Senior HS1,139.0****-
Washington Academy1,139.023.738.2**
Calais Middle/High School1,138.028.830.8**
Deering High School1,138.033.533.9**
Vinalhaven School1,138.0****-
Mountain Valley High School1,138.035.439.0-
Belfast Area High School1,138.029.329.3**
Penobscot Valley High School1,138.0**29.7-
Narraguagus High School1,138.032.630.2-
Medomak Valley High School1,138.032.432.4**
So Aroostook School1,138.0**35.5-
Madison Area Memorial H S1,138.025.439.0-
Lake Region High School1,
Sanford High School1,**
Woodland Jr-Sr High School1,137.035.735.7-
Lewiston High School1,**
Machias Memorial High School1,137.0****-
Richmond High School1,137.039.4**-
Oak Hill High School1,137.033.327.1-
North Haven Community School1,137.0****-
Bucksport High School1,137.035.925.6**
Lee Academy1,136.039.0****
Mt View High School1,136.040.722.1**
Penquis Valley High School1,136.031.628.9-
Central Aroostook Jr-Sr H S1,136.029.4**-
Schenck High School1,135.040.6**-
Limestone Community School1,135.0****-
Blue Hill Harbor School1,134.0****-
Piscataquis Community Secondary Sch1,134.044.321.3-
Maine Academy of Natural Sciences1,133.062.5**-
Shead High School1,130.063.6**-
Arthur R. Gould Sch--LCYDC1,129.0**--