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Welcome Journal Tribune subscribers

Welcome former Journal Tribune readers to Here is everything you need to know about your replacement subscription to the Portland Press Herald and Maine Sunday Telegram.

Home Delivery

You will receive home delivery of the Portland Press Herald on Thursday, Friday and Saturday; and the Maine Sunday Telegram on (you guessed it) Sundays at no extra cost through the expiration of your current JT subscription. You will be offered an incentive to renew at that time.

Digital Access

Your home delivery subscription includes unlimited digital access to including subscriber only content, the daily e-Edition (a digital replica of the daily newspaper) the ability to comment on stories, and monthly PERKS including giveaways and special subscriber-only offers.

To obtain digital access, you must connect your account for digital access at you will need to provide a valid email address and create a password.

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Customer Service

Your myAccount page is also the simplest way to schedule a vacation hold, pay a bill, tip your carrier or update your address. This self-service tool makes managing your subscription easy. We also offer self-service over the phone when you call (207) 791-6000.

If you prefer to interact with our customer service team, you can email us directly at or call us at (207) 791-6000. You may press “0” to by-pass the automated options.

In the event of delivery delays due to weather or other factors, we do our best to send an alert email, post a message on and on our Facebook page. We ask that you check those places first before reaching out to our customer service team. Our carriers do their best to get your paper to you as early as possible. Sometimes delays are unavoidable and please know that we do everything we can to get the newspaper into your hands.

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