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The 2016 Maine Press Association Better Newspaper Contest Awards were announced Oct. 29 in South Portland. Special awards included:

General Excellence for Weekend

Digital General Excellence, second

Daily General Excellence, third

Advertising Person of the Year: Jean Berg



Welcome to Portland: No vacancy

Explore stories, data, drone video, historic photos and more in our special report on the city's housing crisis.


For one couple on prom night, love is in the air

More than 20,000 people with special needs gathered at churches around the country for the Night to Shine, including at Eastpoint Christian Church in Portland.



On April 25, Sue Ellen Monaghan and Jon Claflin met for the first time at her parent’s home in Portland. Sue Ellen lost her 25-year old son, Tim, on October 31. On November 1, Jon Claflin, who was in dire need of a transplant, received Tim’s heart.

Tito Morales and his kid brother, Barry Wilson, are among the best young boxers the Portland Boxing Club’s Bob Russo has ever trained. Their drive to succeed isn’t about fame – it’s about family.

This November marks the 65th anniversary of the battle of Chosin Reservoir during the Korean War when more men died of frostbite and pneumonia than from artillery fire.

Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram
Kennebec Journal
Morning Sentinel

First Place

Business Section: Staff
Editorial Page: Sarah Collins & Greg Kesich
Sports Section: Staff
Political Reporting: Steve Mistler, “Why they’re mad in Madison”
News Story: Leslie Bridgers, “Welcome to Portland: No Vacancy”
Special Online Project/Section: Staff, “Welcome to Portland: No Vacancy”
Scenic Photo: Gregory Rec, “Lobsterwoman”
Feature Photo: Gregory Rec, “Fiddlers”
Picture Story: Ben McCanna, “Marie & Caleb”
Editorial: Greg Kesich, “LePage should not speak”
Opinion Columnist: Douglas Rooks (Kennebec Journal)
Environmental Story: Colin Woodard, “As food web frays…”
Education Story: Noel Gallagher, “New vigor energizes…”
Analysis (tied): Dave Hench (Press Herald), Peter McGuire (Morning Sentinel), “911 transcript”
Critic’s Award: James H. Schwartz, “It was love from first bite”
Sports Columnist: Kevin Thomas
Game Story: Steve Craig, “Clippers perform an encore”
Editorial Cartoonist: Steve Meyers
Front Page Design: Staff, “Your ships have come in”
Specialty Page Design: Sally Ericson, GMOs
Sponsorship Page: Staff
Young Reader Idea: Staff
Circulation Promotion: Staff
Self-Promotion: Staff

Second Place

Feature Section: Staff
Sports Section: Staff (Kennebec Journal)
Investigative Report: Whit Richardson, “Payday at the mill”
Editorial Page: Ben Bragdon (Morning Sentinel)
Analysis: Keith Edwards (Kennebec Journal), “Augusta faces crisis”
Spot News Photo: Derek Davis, “Heroin Overdose”
Picture Story: Gregory Rec, “Gulf of Maine”
Feature Story: Eric Russell, “Lucie McNulty’s long solo”
Sports Columnist: Mike Lowe
Opinion Columnist: Greg Kesich, “Ungovernor LePage…”
News Photo: Mike Seamans (Morning Sentinel)
People Photo: Mike Seamans (Morning Sentinel)
Sports Photo: Mike Seamans (Morning Sentinel)
Freedom of Information: Joe Lawlor
Continuing Story: Gillian Graham, “Now-retired Maine officer…”
Critic’s Award: Dan Kany, “Subtle changes…”
Front Page Design: Staff, “The heroin trails”
Illustration: Michael Fisher, “Plot twist”
Graphic: Sharon Wood (Kennebec Journal)
Sports Profile: Deirdre Fleming, “In a clear space…”
New Revenue Idea: Staff

Third Place

Investigative Report: Eric Russell, “A tempest of conflict”
News Story: Rachel Ohm (Morning Sentinel)
Spot News Story: Scott Dolan and Matt Byrne, “Police arrest suspect”
News Blogger  David Epstein
Continuing Story: Beth Quimby and Ed Murphy, “Mainers aboard ship”
Business Story (tied): Tom Bell, “Cracking $4/pound”
People Photo: Ben McCanna, “Ice Fisherman”
Picture Story: Gabe Souza, “N.H. campaign trail”
Local Columnist: Meredith Goad, “A dish to remember”
Critic’s Award: Allan Kozinn, “PORTopera’s new approach”
Features Blogger: Carey Kish
Sports News Story: Glenn Jordan, “Runners bolt”
Graphic: Michael Fisher, “Kidney”
Sports Page Design: Joe Grant
Feature Headline: Sally Ericson, “Salad dressing”
News/Sports Headline: Bob Dixon, “When shooting at bull’s eye…”
Supplement Cover: David Tripp, Tall Ships
Specialty Page Design: Pete Gorski, “Star Wars”