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Thursday, Sept. 22, 6:30-8 p.m.
Gubernatorial priorities: A chat with Charlie Colgan

Maine’s most well-known policy analyst, a professor emeritus at the Muskie School of Public Service and senior fellow at the Center for the Blue Economy, weighs in on what the priorities should be for the winner of this year’s gubernatorial race.

Here are some position papers and reports written by Colgan on topics we have previously examined in Policy Matters forums.:

2008: The Effects of Climate Change on Economic Activity in Maine: Coastal York County Case Study.

2009: Maine’s Climate Change Future; an overview of economic issues (page 63)

2012: Maine Policy Review. Economic development and Maine’s sustainability solutions initiative

2015: The economics of climate adaption

2018: Climate change vulnerabilities in the Mid-Atlantic Region

2020: A Maine Climate Table webinar on Climate and the economy

2021: US Ocean Climate Action Plan: Using ocean and coastal resources to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and helping coastal communities equitably adapt to climate change impacts

May 2022: The economic impact of Maine’s share of the federal infrastructure bill

2008: Energy efficiency, business competitiveness and untapped economic potential.

2017:Maine Center for Business and Economic Research, economic contributions of New England Energy Connect project in Maine

2012:Changing Maine: Maine’s changing population and housing trends

2013: Maine’s changing demographics and their economic impact

2013: Community Financial Literacy annual meeting, keynote address: Demographic trends and the role of immigrants in building Maine’s economy

2014: Maine Summit on Aging. What’s the problem; where do we start?

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