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To ask a question or report a problem with either our ePaper or website, please email us at

General Business Inquiries
Call us at (207) 781-3661 during business hours (8:30am to 5pm) or leave a message.

News & Advertising Address:
295 Gannett Drive
South Portland, Maine 04106


Amy Canfield, Editor (The Forecaster newspapers, American Journal, Lakes Region Weekly)
Connect with Amy:
(207) 780-9086

Bailey Arnold-Fuchs, Copy editor (The Forecaster newspapers, American Journal, Lakes Region Weekly)
Connect with Bailey:
(207) 780-9088

Michael Hoffer, Sports editor
Connect with Michael:
(207) 780-9104

Mikayla Patel, Coastal Journal
Connect with Mikayla:
(207) 780-9033

Drew Johnson, Southern
Connect with Drew:
(207) 780-9992

Sydney Richelieu, Northern
Connect with Sydney:
(207) 689-2851

Bob Lowell, American Journal
Connect with Bob:
(207) 780-9089

Contributing writers: John Balentine, Xavier Botana, Heather D. Martin, Susan Lebel Young, Karen Schneider, Phil Potenziano, Abdi Nor Iftin

Bruce Cole, Paginator
Southern Forecaster, Portland Forecaster, Coastal Journal Forecaster
Contact Bruce:
(207) 689-2949

Lisa McCann, Paginator
American Journal
Contact Lisa:
(207) 689-2948

Jennifer Gendron-Carleton, Paginator
Lakes Region Weekly
Contact Jennifer:
(207) 689-2919

Lindsay Montana, Paginator
Northern Forecaster
Contact Lindsay:
(207) 780-9082

Mark Hews, Distribution Manager
Contact Mark:
(207) 854-2577 ext 193


Courtney Spencer, Group VP of Advertising
Contact Courtney:
 (207) 791-6203

Cynthia Bell, Sales
Contact Cynthia:
 (207) 887-1181

Natalie Ladd, Sales
Contact Natalie:
 (207) 780-9063

Janet Allen, Sales
Contact Janet:
 (207) 689-2857

ePaper Questions

Q. Do I need a login to access the ePaper?
A. Products that are free in print are also free if accessed through the ePaper. To allow access to our paid products we need to validate you as a subscriber. An initial login is only required once on each device or browser. You’ll need to use the same email and password you use for paid content. Check our list of ePaper products here.

Q. What tools are available to customize my reading experience?
A. The Main Menu () in the upper right corner opens to access a full list of options, sections, and settings for your ePaper.

Navigate through the ePaper using the arrow icons (< >) in the top center or on the sides, swiping left or right on your touchscreen, or by using the Pages button in the lower left corner.

You may set your View Options using the arrows button next to the title on the upper left, letting you adjust how pages are displayed.

Q. How do I best navigate page to page?
A. You can swipe left or right and/or use the arrow buttons to turn pages. If you are zoomed in, use the page navigation at the bottom of the page or the arrows at the very top of the black bar to page through.

Q. Why is the page/article blurry?
A. Blurriness is often caused by the page loading.  Give it a few seconds to load fully.

Q. How do I find previous days’ papers?
A. Use the archive link on the top right to find the date, organized by month. It will load in place of the current edition.


Q. Why am I being redirected to when looking for stories from The Forecasters, Lakes Region Weekly, and American Journal?
A. The content from The Forecasters, the American Journal and Lakes Region Weekly have a new home on We are moving this free weekly content to make a portal destination for multiple geographically relevant publications.

Q. Why is this happening?
A. The move to streamline web operations enables us to support and maintain independent newsrooms that are guided by the news judgment of local editors. We remain committed to quality, local journalism, and coverage in our free publications and ePapers.

Q. Do I have to pay to read The Forecasters, the American Journal and Lakes Region Weekly online?
A. For the time being, articles from these publications will remain free to read. Eventually, they will be part of a subscription. The print and ePapers will remain free.

Q. How can I find stories from The Forecasters, Lakes Region Weekly and American Journal easily on
A. You may navigate directly to both archival and live content from each publication in a number of ways including top navigation, news navigation, and content promotion on the home page and throughout the site.