What Internet browser do you like best?

Picking an Internet browser seems like an easy enough decision, but there are a handful of different options to choose from. They work differently depending on your Internet connection and whether you use a Mac or PC. Internet Explorer, Safari and Google Chrome are typically the best choices for PCs, while Firefox and Google Chrome work well for Macs. Of course, you can use whichever one you feel most comfortable with on any computer, but if you’re not happy with the browser you use to surf the Internet, read what our social media friends have to say about it below. You can find information on how to download each of them at their respective websites: www.firefox.com, www.safari.com, etc. 

“Switched from IE to Firefox more than a year ago, it still crashes, can’t say I like it that much better than IE as everyone proclaimed I would.” — Facebook follower Sandie Sabaka 

“I switched from IE to Firefox. I think it’s much better!!” — Facebook follower Renee Thompson 

“We use Google Chrome and we love it!” — Facebook follower Heather Hollingshead-Bailey 

“Firefox on the laptop, Google Chrome on the desktop. If you have Firefox troubles, dump it and go to Google Chrome, good basic browser, no BS!” — Facebook follower Terry Donald 

“Firefox for Facebook games, Internet Explorer for where I have sites already bookmarked and Google Chrome to learn new tricks. I usually have sites up on three browsers at the same time, with multiple tabs open for each one.” — Facebook follower William Higgins 

“We used to be diehard IE users, but it kept freezing up and getting glitches. We switched over to Firefox and have had the fast service we pay for from our supplier. It was very irritating to pay for a faster service and not be able to use it because of a faulty browser.” — Facebook follower Lisabeth Dana Caroline Donnell 

“Chrome. I love it. It’s REALLY fast which is the most important thing for me. On a MacBook Pro here.” — Facebook user Frank Carroll 

“Chrome. Firefox for those few sites it doesn’t work well with.” — Facebook follower Kevin McGwin 

“Chrome at home. Mostly Firefox at work, with a little Chrome and IE thrown in for certain tasks.” — Facebook follower Timothy Lambert 

“I use Google chrome at home, and like it, IE8 at work, and it’s fine, and Safari mobile, but hate the speed and instability.” — Twitter follower PaulFMoss 

“Google Chrome: it is simple in style and usage and allows me to view more of the website on my screen.” — Twitter follower Xbesportschik 

“I use Firefox 99% of the time … Safari the other 1% when a website doesn’t want to cooperate. (Mac user 100% of the time).” — Twitter follower OneOfTheHive 

“Mostly Firefox and Google Chrome when FF is acting up. I think IE is ghastly and avoid it at all costs.” — Twitter follower Spidersensed