What gadget do you think any dad would need/want for Father’s Day? What gadget would you like for yourself?

Father’s Day is the perfect time to shower your father with gratitude — and maybe give him a little piece of technology to make every day better (and more fun!). See what our users said they would buy their dads and what they hope to get as a gift on their next special day. 

“My dad is blind. I think an IPod Touch would be great for him. They come with programs for the blind, including a program that reads money and tells him what kind of bill he has in his hand.” — Facebook follower Katrina Kent 

“If I didn’t have the following items, this is what I would want in order of preference: iPad 2, Kindle 2, MacBook Air, a gift certificate at the Apple store and for golfing fathers, Bushnell Golf Tour V2 Rangefinder.” — Facebook follower and WGAN morning news personality Ken Altshuler 

“My dad always buys his gadgets early, making it hard for us to get him anything new! He loves his iPad 2 and Kindle. As a gadget family, it’s best to get gift certificates through Amazon and iTunes for everyone so they can choose their own added games and apps!” — Twitter follower MustBeThursday 

“All dads need an iPod or a GPS system, preferably both. I got my dad both of those things and he never is without them. I don’t think he needed an uber phone, he barely knows how to check his voicemail!” — Twitter follower SleepyJeans 

“Kindle or some equivalent.” — Facebook follower Barb Hasson-Brown 

“Every father would love a rototiller for Father’s Day.” — Twitter follower IAmSauerkraut 

“Everyone in the world needs an e-reader.” — Twitter follower jovengel 

“We plan to get him a Nintendo Wii. That’s fun for the whole family, and he loves the old arcade games.” — Twitter follower WaftingCurtains 

“How about a good, old-fashioned HUG! You can carry that with you anywhere and it don’t need a recharge!” — Facebook follower RadioReality 

“I wanted a rug cleaner. I did not want the cleaner but wanted the rug to be cleaned for my birthday!” — Facebook follower Linda T. Weston