What type of portable music device do you have it and how often do you use it? 

We asked our readers this week about portable music devices, like iPods, Zunes, or anything else they could think of. What do they have and how often do they use it? It’s hard to see most people walking to work or traveling without a set of earbuds in. Read what they told us! 

“I have an iPod Classic (260GB) and I listen to it every day, mostly in the car. There is also some music on my iPhone.” — Facebook follower Frank Carroll 

“Ipod original, Ipod Video, Ipod Shuffle, Iphone, Blackberry Torch and Galaxy Tab.” — Facebook follower Mia Pelletier 

“I’ve got an iPod tied in with my car stereo that I use a couple of time a year.” — Facebook follower Timothy Lambert 

“I have an Ipod and I use it everyday.” — Facebook follower Natasha Anne Lux 

“I have an iphone but I don’t know how to add music to it:( I keep trying to get one of those younguns to show me but I think it is some kind of secret society or something.” — Facebook follower Kathleen Champagne Bailey 

“I own an iPod classic (gen 6), though once I get a Droid 3, I’ll be streaming all my music through the Google Music app. And with Spotify, Pandora, etc. Syncing songs to an audio playback device will go out in the next few years.” — Twitter follower DylanLJMartin 

“I have an 80gb zune. I never use it now that I have the samsung mezmerize cell phone.” — Twitter follower Tattoogrl475 

“I have multiple iPods. I use an iPod every day. And I love using my iPhone to stream Pandora or local radio stations” — Facebook follower Derek J. Veilleux 

“iPod (from like ohhh 5ish years ago) and pretty much daily in the home.” – Facebook follower Sarah Campbell 

“I own an iPod (5th gen, 160) that lives in the glovebox of my car connected to the audio system. I use it every day…” — Twitter follower PaulFMoss 

“I listen to Country Music on the Radio all the time and I like it.” — Facebook follower Christopher L. Foss 

“We use our iPhone every day :P” — Twitter follower ScarboHannaford 

“I have a zune 120 and use it 4-8hrs/day if in the office.” — Twitter follower Seathrupbp 

“Use my iPod Shuffle on breaks at work, around 45 minutes/day.” — Twitter follower Rurugby 

“I have an iPod Touch and I use it everyday.” — Twitter follower xbesportschik 

“I own 5 ipod’s and an iPhone. I use them all the time!!!” — Twitter follower BigBadChang 

“I use my iPhone and everyday about 3hrs worth.” — Twitter follower TMIFred