Dave Noyes and Erin Sprinkle collaborate in a loose, whimsical way on purpose when writing songs for their “gazey electro space country gospel” project Plains. The band members, who combine as a quintet at full strength, enjoy the release from their respective day jobs, a time to connect under the same soulful banner and make creative progress together.

Catch Plains — which also includes Pat Corrigan and Jeremy and Jerusha Robinson — as the group shares some tracks from its upcoming record Friday at The Oak and the Ax in Biddeford.

Here’s what Corrigan had to say about the band:

How do Dave and Erin get along as writers? What’s the meeting point of the two individual styles?

Dave and Erin get along very well as writers. They respect each other’s work, and work hard to perform each other’s songs with soul. Meeting point is heavy lyrics, gentle music.

What are some of the day jobs in the band? Is it easy to moonlight as a musician?

Sign language translator, house painter, illustrator, screen printer, food service worker. I’d say, no, it isn’t. But it builds character, which is the coin of the realm.

Why was it necessary to create Apohadion Records and the projects under that umbrella rather than just tour as Plains?

It isn’t necessary, but it is fun, and we care about how things are done.

How is your sound unique?

Our sound is gazey electro space country gospel. The vocals sometimes bring tears to my eyes — they are the centerpiece.

What’s the best part of playing these songs on stage?

We are all together in one room.

Mike Olcott is a freelance writer who lives in Boston and Portland.