WEST GARDINER — Children playing with sparklers started a brush fire Wednesday that blanketed a section of the Maine Turnpike with smoke and burned nearly two acres.

West Gardiner Fire Capt. Vicki Dill said there are no charges connected to the fire, but officials spoke to the children and warned them not to use sparklers or matches, particularly during the current dry spell.

The fire caused no injuries and did not damage any structures, Dill said.

Motorists reported the fire just west of the High Street overpass around 12:30 p.m.

“There was a lot of smoke traveling across the highway,” she said.

The Maine Forest Service, along with firefighters from Augusta, Farmingdale, Gardiner and Pittston, responded to help West Gardiner fight the blaze. The fire was out in less than an hour.

The forest service estimated 1.7 acres of grass and woods were burned in the fire, Dill sa