The Lanyard Theatre Company is back from the dead.

After lying low for the past two years, the theater troupe revives itself for two readings this weekend of theater founder Kevin O’Leary’s play “Lascaux.” Staged readings will be presented Friday in Bath and Saturday in Portland.

This time around, O’Leary is not taking an active role in the theater company’s future. He is turning management duties over to Elizabeth Lardie and Joseph Barbarino, who serve as co-directors.

“I’m just a playwright now. I am in the background,” O’Leary said.

The production takes it name from a cave in southwestern France that’s best known for its Paleolithic paintings. The cave was discovered in 1940 by four teenagers and their dog, Robot.

O’Leary’s play imagines the life of these boys many years later, and the twists and turns that bring two of them together again in a most unexpected way.

In the staged reading format, “Lascaux” will not receive a full presentation. Actors will read the play, most likely while seated. As it was during the time of its founding, the goal of Lanyard remains focused on new work.

Staged readings are part of the writing process. They give a playwright the chance to hear his play read out loud, by paid professional actors, and also gives audiences a chance to participate in the creative process as active listeners.

To get itself back on tack, Laynard engaged a Kickstarter fundraising campaign with a goal of $1,800. It blew past that goal, giving it a robust budget for this project and hope for the future.

The cast includes Barbarino, Abigail Killeen and J.P. Guimont. Lardie directs.

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