I’d love to ask the Press Herald’s editors if they ever vet any of William or Ursula Slavick’s endless letters that blame Israel for the problems of the Middle East.

In the April 19 column, which ran on Yom Hashoha Day (Holocaust Remembrance Day), Slavick questions why the United States would attack Iran (“Maine Voices: Aggression against Iran makes no sense on many levels”).

Fair enough. However, he quickly goes on to blame Israel and the Zionists for everything wrong in the world. Does he really believe Israel wants to control the Middle East? That comment is so delusional it’s comical.

A country the size of New Jersey wants to take over the region? I must have missed the last time Israel announced it would be conquering its neighbors.

In the last year, the Syrian government has killed almost 10,000 of its own civilians, and I’ve yet to read one letter to the editor from the Slavicks in the Press Herald/Telegram expressing their outrage.

When Slavick, or any of the anti-Israel letter writers, are accused of walking close to the line of being anti-Semitic, they quickly say one can criticize Israel without being one. Maybe that’s true, but the lack of letters supporting the citizens being slaughtered by the Syrian government betrays bias.

Is Israel responsible for all of the civilian deaths in the “Arab Spring”? I guess you could say that it might be, since most of the protesters in the Middle East are putting themselves in harm’s way because they want what the Israelis have – a free and democratic country!