BARNARD PLANTATION — Workers for philanthropist and conservationist Roxanne Quimby have blocked more logging roads on Piscataquis County land she owns, but county officials say there does not appear to be the problem there was when she blocked a road last year.

County Manager Marilyn Tourtelotte tells the Bangor Daily News the roadblocks are all on Quimby’s private property beyond the end of county roads.

Quimby ran afoul of the county last year when she gated a road in Elliotsville Plantation she thought was abandoned.

County commissioners ruled that the gate was not legal because the road was still a county road.

Quimby’s workers removed the gate on Jan. 17.

Quimby made millions of dollars when she sold the Burt’s Bees line of personal care products she co-founded in the 1980s.