PORTLAND — A 52-year-old Maine man is appealing his conviction on an attempted murder charge for trying to kill a police officer by ramming his cruiser with a dump truck during a high-speed chase.

The Maine Supreme Judicial Court on Tuesday will hear arguments from an attorney for Bartolo Ford, who contends the trial judge should have instructed the jury on self-defense and intoxication.

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Ford, of Lisbon, was convicted in 2010 and ordered to serve nine years in prison.

During trial, police testified they confronted Ford after he stole concrete cylinders from a business in Auburn. Ford then fled in the dump truck and rammed two police cruisers during the chase, one of them head-on. Ford was shot in the leg and found hours later walking alongside a road.

Ford, an Iraq war veteran, said he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and was having a flashback at the time of the chase.