Really! MaineToday Media should put a muzzle on their prize attack dog, Bill Nemitz. The man is living in another world in which he sees himself as unassailable and untouchable.

His recent tirade against the use of photos on electronic benefit transfer cards (“Just how much fraud will that EBT photo stop?,” May 7) shows his and MaineToday Media’s utter disdain for Paul LePage’s “adoring supporters,” the “cherished ‘38 percent’ ” who, according to Nemitz, drink a concoction that makes them see things that aren’t even there.

Nemitz suggests that Health and Human Services Commissioner Mary Mayhew is clueless and that she, too, lives in another world.

He refers to various federal regulations that make photo IDs on EBT cards redundant as far as he is concerned.

Nemitz is one mouthpiece for MaineToday Media and its ultraliberal majority shareholder, S. Donald Sussman, who maintains he has no influence whatsoever on the content of its papers. What else can readers expect from such a team and their world?

Nemitz does a great disservice to many Mainers. Please, call off the dogs.

Jon Roderick