I have lived most of my life about half a mile from Davis Farm Road in Portland, first on Riverside Street and now just over the West Falmouth line, off Blackstrap Road.

Each day since Oct. 17, as I’ve approached the Blackstrap Road railroad crossing by Davis Farm Road, I have seen FairPoint employees marching in unison, picketing FairPoint Communications. These strikers have been walking back and forth in protest for eight weeks in the sun, rain, snow and now bitter cold weather of early winter.

It has become clear to me that these strikers are fighting for their middle-class status, which is under attack, with a multitude of issues, throughout the country.

My sympathy is with the strikers. Perhaps somebody in the hierarchy of FairPoint would be willing to negotiate and make an offer that can be accepted by these fine men and women protesting in the snow and rain.

Gerald M. Davis