WASHINGTON — Illinois Rep. Aaron Schock has built much of his personal wealth over a decade through real estate investments with political donors, an Associated Press review found. His relationships with other contributors, which afforded him flights on private planes, are already under scrutiny.

Donors built, financed and later bought a house Schock owned as an investment in a suburb of Peoria, Illinois. Schock owns a stake in a Peoria apartment complex involving other contributors. And he pushed for a federal appropriation that would have benefited a donor’s development project, an Associated Press review found.

Schock, a 33-year-old rising Republican star named last year to a midlevel leadership role in the House, has disclosed personal wealth in a range centered on $1.4 million. He’s made precocious business acumen a part of his appeal since joining Congress in 2009.

Financial reports indicate he may have more than doubled his wealth since he was elected to Congress.

Amid ethics complaints concerning his taxpayer-funded expenses and flights aboard donors’ aircraft, Schock’s business entanglements with contributors in several projects raise questions about the overlap between his personal finances and their political interests.

Schock told a newspaper late Wednesday that his real estate investments occurred at arm’s length from donors.

A watchdog group has called for an ethics investigation.