WESTBROOK — Katherine Kirk of Scarborough appreciated that the purpose of Thursday’s soccer all-star games was to raise funds for Maine Special Olympics.

Kirk and other recent graduates from SMAA schools played against a similar group from the Western Maine Conference in the 25th annual event, held at Westbrook High.

“I met the Scarborough (Special Olympic) participants and they’re pretty awesome,” Kirk said. “There’s this kid who graduated with me this year and his name is Eric. Everyone loves him and I know Special Olympics is his favorite thing of the year. I know that when soccer season rolls around that’s my favorite time of the year, so when Special Olympics rolls around he gets fired up.”

Kirk scored both goals for her SMAA team, the second producing a 2-2 tie in the girls’ game.

“We’re definitely a very competitive group of girls and I don’t think either team wanted to lose so it’s kind of cool that it ended in a tie,” Kirk said.

Samantha Robinson of York, who will be playing at Ithaca College, scored two second-half goals for the WMC after moving from center back to center forward.

Robinson said two of her closest friends from York played in the 2014 game.

“I watched the game last year and I didn’t really think much about me being there this year, but I was excited when I got asked,” Robinson said. “I think it’s motivation for all of us to be here. Knowing that it’s for a good cause, you take time off work and other summer commitments because we know it’s for a good cause.”

The boys’ game was dominated by the SMAA, which posted a 3-0 victory.

The SMAA boys were kept scoreless in the first half by acrobatic goaltending from Connor Smith of York. Then the SMAA scored three goals in less than two minutes, the scoring from Hany Ramadan (Deering), an own goal when a long throw from Stephan Ochan (Deering) deflected in, and Josh Emard (Noble).

The WMC girls and boys both lead the all-time series, now by identical 11-6-8 margins.

Yarmouth boys’ coach Mike Hagerty coached in the first all-star game when he was the Deering girls’ coach. He is also the clinician for Maine Special Olympics soccer coaches. Postponed from Tuesday due to weather, Thursday’s games drew an estimated crowd of 300, a number Hagerty said he’d like to see improve.

“I don’t know what it’s going to take to make this game bigger than it is,” Hagerty said. “It’s a big deal to be in this game for all of the players and it’s a special game.”

The games are also a chance for club soccer teammates to get together to compete with and against familiar faces.

Katherine Clark of Cape Elizabeth, who plans to play at Babson, is used to having talented defender Sam Sparda of Scarborough as a Seacoast United teammate.

“We always go at it in practice. I’d much rather play with her than against her but what can you do?” Clark said.

Following the boys’ game, Ochan spent several minutes giving players from both teams a hug of recognition. Ochan will soon be heading to Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire.

“These guys are my good friends and I love playing with them,” Ochan said.

“Most of them I’ve played with for club so it’s been fun.”

Ochan said the main reason he came, though, was because supporting Maine Special Olympics was the right thing to do.

“I liked playing with the guys but it was for a good cause and there’s nothing wrong with that,” Ochan said. “If I had a million other chances to take this, I’d take it a million times. Any time it’s for something that’s good, I try my best to participate and do my best.”