AUGUSTA — Convicted child pornographer Wade Robert Hoover, 38, already serving a 40-year federal sentence, was ordered Wednesday to serve 60 years in prison for raping two boys who were less than 12 years old.

The judge ordered the sentences to be concurrent, meaning he will go into state custody after finishing his federal sentence. Justice Michaela Murphy said she understood that this was a de facto life sentence for Hoover.

The indictments against Hoover say the gross sexual assaults of the two children occurred between December 2008 and February 2010 in Augusta and in April 2012 in The Forks in Somerset County.

Hoover had pleaded guilty to four counts of gross sexual assault on Nov. 30, 2015, at a hearing where the parents of the boys were present.

On Wednesday, one of the victims sat with his mother and with District Attorney Maeghan Maloney on a bench in the public area of the courtroom.

His mother spoke to the judge, saying, “Give this man the maximum sentence you can give him.” The woman said Hoover should spend the rest of his life behind bars so every child could be protected.

She addressed Hoover directly at one point, saying, “I know that in time I will be able to forgive what you have done, but I am not there yet.”

Family members of the second victim were there as well; however, they did not speak during the sentencing hearing in the Capital Judicial Center. One of those women broke into tears when Hoover talked about how he cared for the victim in the Kennebec County case.

“I am sorry for what I have done,” Hoover said. “I hope you can forgive and hopefully your mom can move forward as you did.”

The prosecutor, Deputy District Attorney Paul Cavanaugh, had asked the judge to order a 65-year sentence for Hoover. Defense attorney Scott Hess suggested a sentence in the 25-30 year range.

Hoover, who lived in Augusta, was owner and chief instructor at Koshowarrior’s Martial Arts and the United Martial Arts academies in Lewiston, where he taught children as young as age 3, according to Maine State Police. When he was first arrested on charges in October 2013, he was working at the NAMI Maine office in Augusta as a veterans support coordinator.

On Wednesday, Hoover, in a dark green jail uniform, was brought into the courtroom in shackles. He spoke briefly with his attorney prior to the hearing, and then kept his head lowered.

At the November hearing, Cavanaugh said the boy in the Somerset County case had been one of Hoover’s karate students. He said investigators found images and videos of the assaults on electronics seized from Hoover.

On Wednesday, Cavanaugh told the judge that Hoover’s sexual assaults of the children “reprehensible, heinous, and vile,” adding: “Society needs to be protected from him for as long as possible.”

Earlier, he said Hoover was identified as the offender by a number of body tattoos and the boys were identified as well.

“In many videos the children appear to be unconscious,” Cavanaugh said at the November hearing. He said the victims said they have no memory of being assaulted.

Hoover has contested his federal conviction and sentence. He filed a petition in federal court Sept. 29, 2015, containing a motion to vacate or correct an illegal sentence, saying he was tricked into pleading guilty to production and possession of child pornography in U.S. District Court in Maine. He is currently serving a 40-year sentence for those actions.

A panel of judges on the U.S. First Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed his sentence in June 2014, but Hoover’s latest petition has yet to be ruled on.