We have had some very foggy mornings recently. On my morning commute to Portland, about 20 percent of the vehicles I see do not have their headlights turned on. State law requires headlights to be in use whenever wipers are in use or when visibility is below 1,000 feet.

It is also common for drivers to fail to use indicators when changing lanes or turning, and to make lazy left-handed turns, cutting the corner (so to speak) and entering the oncoming lane of traffic, operating left of center.

Although these actions are illegal and discourteous, people seem to accept them as normal operating procedure for people driving personal vehicles. If a tractor-trailer violated these same laws, people would be outraged, and rightly so!

Traffic police should spend more energy issuing citations to the people who commit these dangerous driving violations. The car that cannot be seen and the driver who does not indicate his or her intentions pose a much greater danger than the driver who commits a minor speeding violation.

Brent Noyes