SOUTH PORTLAND — Twenty-three people applied for the city manager’s position by Wednesday’s deadline.

Interim City Manager Don Gerrish said he and Dick Metivier, both municipal government consultants with Eaton Peabody, will sift through the applications and provide city councilors with a booklet of several recommended candidates to consider for interviews.

The city advertised the position nationally and Gerrish had predicted it would draw as many as 35 applicants. Gerrish said most of the applications came from outside New England, with a few from Maine, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

The City Council will hold a workshop at 5:30 p.m. Monday to discuss the next steps to be taken to replace former City Manager Jim Gailey, who resigned in July to become assistant manager of Cumberland County.

The council will choose two finalists to meet with the community on separate dates. The council is expected to announce a new city manager by mid-November.